Guide to medical tourism

A guide to medical tourism | what must you know beforehand?

Due to awareness and advanced technology practices for better health care, medical tourism is growing fast. For the same reasons, a CAGR of about 12.1% will rise from 2021 up to 2027. Such significant numbers are the indicators of the efforts of the public & private health care centers for medical tourism. Medical tourism for bariatric & weight loss surgery is the most prevalent. The cosmetic surgery area shares approximately 17% of the medical tourism industry. Seeking medical services across the border brings several challenges. Therefore, we have a compiled guide to medical tourism for you.

People seek medical solutions abroad primarily for cardiovascular surgery, orthopedic surgery, oncology treatment, fertility treatment, cosmetic surgery, and laparoscopic and bariatric surgery. Some of the prominent causes for medical tourism are the costs, better health care service, and advanced technology; however, just like anything, medical tourism also poses some limitations and concerns. Hence, before you plan your tour with a weight loss surgeon or a plastic surgeon, this guide to medical tourism is a must.


With the rising trend of medical tourism, health care facilities seek certification from an international body. Hence, they tend to prove their quality of services and care. While choosing a medical health facility, you must check that it fulfills at least the minimum standards set by the Joint Commission International (JCI).

Medical Insurance

As far as cosmetic surgeries contribute a significant chunk of medical tourism, it is essential to note that many aesthetic procedures are not covered by health insurance. This is the reason patients seek cost-efficient aesthetic solutions. According to the guide to medical tourism, this is the case especially with the laparoscopic and bariatric surgery because insurance companies still find the argument valid that diet and exercise is a potential solution to obesity. There is no need for treatment. Therefore, before choosing your health care facility, ensure study in detail.

The role of your physician

When you have decided to go across the border to get your treatment, it is always a palpable practice to engage your regular doctor with your current physician. It is essential because you will have a language barrier, and you will be observing preoperative and postoperative care. So, it is a wise to have your general doctor engaged to understand better and trust. With this, the guide to medical tourism comes to an end.