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Are you struggling with obesity and have tried every single attempt to lose weight? So, don't give up and lose hope. ALSA houses the best weight loss strategies for the obese and has helped thousands of individuals from the USA. Our US qualified Bariatric or weight loss surgeon is now reachable at minimal costs for US citizens. Dr. Tahir E Yunus US experienced surgeon offers the variety of weight loss surgeries at US based Ever Care Hospital through the platform of ALSA Pakistan.

Bariatric Surgery Packages include:

Pre and post-surgery Consultations with






Pre-op tests: $250 includes complete health check-up tests

Ultrasound abdomen

Thyroid profile

Diabetes tests

Vitamin D & B12 levels

Iron and calcium levels

Ultrasound abdomen

Pelvis cardiac ECG & Echo

Complete blood

Renal profile

Liver profile

1 week 5-star hotel stay with the

Airport to hotel and hospital driver services: $800

Tourism activities: upon request

Anti-reflux Surgery
(Hiatal hernia and Fundoplication)
Achalasia Surgery
(Heller Myotomy and Fundoplication)
Laparoscopic abdominal hernia repair with mesh Laparoscopic groin
(inguinal) hernia repair with mesh
Laparoscopic gall bladder removal surgery (cholecystectomy)
Package Package The package depends on the size of hernia ranging Package Package





$2000 to



One-side only

$1200 Both sides




Hospitalization with surgery Pre- and Post-op consultations: Hospitalization with surgery Pre- and Post-op consultations: Hospitalization with surgery Pre- and Post-op consultations: Hospitalization with surgery Pre- and Post-op consultations: Hospitalization with surgery Pre- and Post-op consultations:
Surgeon Surgeon Surgeon Surgeon Surgeon
Gastroenterologist gastroenterologist anesthesia Gastroenterologist Gastroenterologist Anesthesia
Anesthesia nutritionist Anesthesia Anesthesia nutritionist
Nutritionist 2-day hospital stay with a deluxe private room Nutritionist Nutritionist surgery with 2-day hospital stay with deluxe private room
2-day hospital stay with the deluxe private room 2-day hospital stay with a deluxe private room 2-day hospital stay with the deluxe private room
using high-quality brand (Medtronic) mesh using high-quality brand (Medtronic) mesh
Tests: $500 Tests: $400 Pre-op tests: $200 Pre-op tests: $100
All relevant labs and tests All relevant labs and tests includes complete health check-up tests includes complete health check-up tests
Complete blood Complete blood Complete blood Complete blood
Renal profile Renal profile Renal profile Renal profile
lipid profile lipid profile lipid profile lipid profile
thyroid profile thyroid profile thyroid profile thyroid profile
diabetes tests diabetes tests diabetes tests diabetes tests
ultrasound abdomen ultrasound abdomen ultrasound abdomen
esophageal motility study esophageal motility study
pH study pH study, upper endoscopy
upper endoscopy

Why Do You Need to Lose Weight?

Excessive body fat is the defining feature of the illness known as obesity. It is quantified using a body mass index (BMI) scale, which considers both the individual's height and weight. The pandemic of obesity has skyrocketed in recent years. Approximately one-third of the adult population in the United States is morbidly obese, while roughly two-thirds are overweight. Your chance of getting ailments associated with obesity increases the longer you deal with it.

Obesity increases the threat of many health problems, yet losing as little as 5 to 10% of your extra weight may improve your health. When people lose weight, their health often improves, and they avoid the need for medical treatment. But if you are failed to lose weight, bariatric surgery is a miracle solution to treat your obesity.

Bariatric Surgery – A Safe and Most Affordable Weight Loss Approach

When individuals try to lose weight but don't notice any results through diet and exercise, they often resort to bariatric surgery. Every year, more than 200 thousand people in the United States go through the bariatric surgery, according to the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery. In addition, when additional health problems arise due to excess weight or behavioural modifications like dieting and exercise prove ineffective, weight loss surgeons may recommend bariatric surgery.

However, bariatric surgery is a modern and present-day weight loss tactic that aims surgical procedures to reduce the body's extra weight. It includes multi-dimension treatment strategies like sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass, and other surgical methods of weight loss. Modifying the digestive system is a crucial component of many weight loss operations. Some operations alter your body's ability to absorb nutrition and hormone levels, while others restrict the amount you may consume.

How Can You Qualify for Bariatric Surgery?

The eligibility criteria for bariatric surgery for New York depends on the following attributes;


The body mass index (BMI) is one method for determining whether a person is overweight enough to benefit from surgical weight loss. It means if you have BMI near 30 or more than 30, you are eligible for bariatric surgery.


Furthermore, bariatric surgery is an ideal weight loss approach for you if you are suffering from many obesity-related health complications.


If you have attempted to reduce weight with diet and exercise and have been unsuccessful, you may be a candidate for bariatric surgery.

Turn your pain into your power!

Therefore, the American-based international healthcare centre EVERCARE hospital in Pakistan owns the best weight loss centre. You can easily access quality healthcare and treatment services at ALSA at fair pricing. We employ only the most masterful weight loss surgeon, who takes great satisfaction in having incredible success rates and minimum postoperative complications to provide our patients with the best treatment possible.

weight loss approach

Types of Bariatric Surgery Procedures

Surgical weight loss is the most reliable way to keep the weight off for good. You can consume or redirect your digestive tract by reducing food intake. Weight loss surgery might make it simpler for you to adopt healthier eating habits. However, regarding the type of bariatric surgery, you may choose between two main options. The items in question are as follow:

1 Malabsorptive

The absorption of nutrients, particularly lipids, is altered as a result. Surgery to reroute the small intestine does this. The most prevalent kind of malabsorptive weight reduction surgery is gastric bypass.

2 Restrictive

These methods reduce the stomach’s capacity, making you feel full sooner and reducing your calorie intake. In addition, gastric banding and sleeve gastrectomy operations limit the patient’s food intake.

Gastric Bypass Surgery

In the United States, this is the most popular weight loss approach. For weight loss, it employs a combination of restrictive and malabsorptive strategies. This surgery involves the separation of the stomach and redirecting of the small intestine. The initial section of the small intestine is skipped through when food flows through a pouch that can store just one ounce at a time. Consequently, you will naturally eat less after gastric bypass since your stomach size becomes drastically tiny, and your body will absorb less fat from the food you consume.

Sleeve Gastrectomy

It is a famous weight loss surgery in New York, as it is a restricted surgery involving the removal of around 80% of the stomach. This operation, also known as gastric sleeve surgery, consists in cutting the stomach in half and removing the bigger of the two halves. All left of the stomach is a banana-shaped tube connecting the esophagus to the small intestine. A smaller stomach means less food can be consumed before you feel full, decreasing calorie consumption. Huge incisions are unnecessary since all of these treatments may be done laparoscopically. Through three to five tiny incisions in the stomach area, a weight loss surgeon may access the abdominal cavity and perform the necessary surgical procedures using specialist equipment. In most cases, the recovery time with laparoscopic surgery is shorter, and there is less chance of postoperative problems and scarring.

Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery

Mini gastric bypass offers equal weight loss and health improvement with less risk of problems and less serious side effects compared to the more often done Roux-en-Y gastric bypass technique ("gastric bypass"). While gastric bypass is irreversible, mini gastric bypass may be undone. It has a lower price tag and is the cheapest weight loss surgery abroad, serving millions of obese patients worldwide.

The intestines are rerouted, and the stomach is shrunk during the procedure. So, patients will experience satiety more quickly, reduce nutrient and calorie absorption, and lose up to 75% of extra weight in 2 years. Furthermore, after the surgery, patients enjoy dramatic health benefits.

Hence, modern medical facilities and a well-developed private healthcare system have helped to establish ALSA Pakistan as a top medical tourism destination. Surgery appointments may also be scheduled immediately. As a result, it is dedicated to exploring innovative weight loss approaches to supporting your obesity treatment, including developing cutting-edge technology and providing novel resources as your companion in care.

Benefits of Bariatric Surgery

Weight loss surgery is the gold standard in therapy. Having bariatric surgery may help you stick to the diet, exercise, and behavioural adjustments you need to drop off fat and keep it off. Therefore, it is necessary to bother both the weight loss surgery before and after expectations when opting for bariatric surgery. However, if you have tried everything else to lose weight without success, you should seriously consider bariatric surgery. Make use of pioneering bariatric surgical techniques to improve your health.

  • Reducing the risk of diseases and others, including hypertension, stroke, and heart attack, is one of the main goals of weight loss surgery.
  • In addition to improving general health, bariatric surgery is very successful in lowering both blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • Weight loss surgery effectively lowers excess fat and, thus, relieves stress on weight-bearing joints, including the hips, knees, and ankles. Ultimately, your mobility is enhanced.
  • The process of losing weight may be cathartic and positively affect your mental health, which may lead to a reduction in your depression.
  • It is possible to treat diabetes by undergoing weight loss surgery &, as a result, avoid the need for insulin & other medications for over three years following the procedure.
  • It may aid pregnant women whose bodies aren't working as they should and increase the likelihood of a successful pregnancy. In addition, it helps you stay pregnant longer by decreasing your chances of having a miscarriage.

ALSA – A Medical Destination for Bariatric Surgery with VIP Services

We start each day with a renewed dedication to protecting your standard of living!

ALSA has state-of-the-art bariatric equipment, including international standards-based bariatric operating rooms and other devices necessary for a safe and successful surgery. Our weight loss approach is highly comparable to the standard of weight loss surgery abroad. When caring for patients, our experts adhere to rigorous processes and take hygienic precautions that meet or exceed all applicable international norms because the patient's well-being is our primary concern.

Moreover, our resident surgeon is well trained in various surgical procedures, focusing on bariatrics and many other areas of expertise. They're one-of-a-kind because they work together to solve more challenging problems. Moreover, they promote interdisciplinary teams to treat patients to provide the best care. Their patients get care for around-the-clock, every day of the year.

The ALSA team of specialists and medical personnel engages in comprehensive CME to give the best possible care. They often source cutting-edge technology and trends from outside and implement these innovations into practice. In addition, we have brought specialised laparoscopic methods for treating extreme obesity, such as sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass surgery, to our region. Obesity surgery patients also have the option of a second, corrective operation.

Our Top-Notch Bariatric Surgeon at ALSA – Dr Tahir Yunus

When it comes to bariatric surgery, Dr Tahir Yunus is the most empathetic surgeon you will ever meet. Nonetheless, he likens his patients to members of his own family, pledging to devote himself to them and care for them as he would his own. Moreover, he is an established faculty member. He has helped set up a bariatric centre at the National Guard hospital in Jeddah and taught surgeons. His extensive background in surgery also includes demonstrations of both primary and revision procedures at international conferences.

Following graduation from King Edward Medical University Lahore with an MBBS, he began his career as a medical doctor. In 2000–2001, he passed the United States Medical Licensure Examination (USMLE) and began practising medicine in the United States. There he could further sharpen his abilities and experience. Then he relocated to William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan. He served as a surgical resident and earned his DABS (Designation by the American Board of Surgery) certification.

ALSA Promotes Medical Tourism | A Trending Weight Loss Approach

ALSA Pakistan actively encourages medical tourism. It offers several options for laparoscopic and bariatric procedures for those looking to shed unwanted pounds. Dr Tahir Yunus, an American qualified Surgeon, has the necessary knowledge to provide his patients with excellent care. Many individuals from other countries want to lose weight by travelling abroad to have the cheapest weight loss surgery abroad. When receiving these procedures, ensure that you are in good hands with skilled medical personnel. In order to get your healthy life back, medical tourism for weight loss surgery is a reasonable and practical option. Ultimately, it allows you to lose weight without changing your look drastically.

Cost-Effective Bariatric Surgery At ALSA

The costs of medical procedures and weight loss surgery abroad have risen in affluent nations like the U.S., Canada, and Australia. Therefore, many individuals realise it makes financial sense to fly to Pakistan for fair weight loss surgery costs. In the US, laparoscopic surgery costs around $23,000, but in ALSA, our US-trained bariatric surgeon conducts it for $4,000. We offer bariatric surgery patients variable transparent pricing.

We provide the most reasonably priced bariatric surgery to ensure that people from all social and economic backgrounds can access excellent health care. We believe that delivering weight loss surgery to those who are medically qualified is a legitimate kind of welfare. ALSA Pakistan provides an inexpensive package of bariatric surgery. Our weight loss surgery packages are the most cost-effective, and we guarantee you'll get your money's worth.

Why ALSA PAKISTAN for Weight Loss Treatment?

  • We see weight loss surgery as a treatment for an illness rather than a luxury. Everyone may afford to have it done. 
  • We provide a cost-effective weight loss approach because we are loyal to delivering effective procedures at a price anybody can afford.
  • Because of our unwavering commitment to the highest ethical standards, we have built an inventive and forward-thinking organisation.
  • Our medical staff and healthcare professionals will monitor your health and recommend how you feel better.
  • We see it as more than simply offering surgery. That's why our all-inclusive plan includes access to medical professionals.