Control Obesity while Managing your Diet

As we all acknowledge obesity as a severe health problem, several solutions are offered out there with a promise of instant
weight loss. Recognizing the public awareness in ALSA Pakistan has brought you a multifaceted approach to deal with
obesity. Our expert physicians aimed at treating the people suffering from obesity understand that obesity is a multi-rooted
problem. Hence, our proficient team offers you a variety of options to treat the disease. After psychotherapy, our first
approach is obesity treatment with diet plan according to the patient’s condition.


ALSA Pakistan healthcare professionals consider the problem’s multifactorial nature, conduct a detailed
diagnosis, and recommend the most suitable treatment.

  • The first and foremost step of diagnosis is checking the total Body Mass Index (BMI) to get an idea of the body condition. However, the ideal BMI varies across ethnicity, body types, and lifestyle. Moreover, even if you are on medication that adds to the body weight, it will significantly impact your BMI.
  • Family history for obesity.
  • Ultimately, your motivation to lose weight is noted down.
  • The next step is to visit a general physician who would conduct a thorough screening to determine any underlying causes of obesity. The examination would include your lifestyle, diet, and overall physical activity.
  • To start with obesity treatment with a diet plan, we may also be interested in your medical history.

Furthermore, obesity is related to several life-risking health
conditions such as checking for vitals, blood pressure, blood glucose
levels, cholesterol levels, and waist circumference.
After the detailed assessment of your condition, our
well-experienced professionals suggest the best suitable option for
obesity treatment.

Our utmost desire at ALSA Pakistan is to control and treat obesity as
soon as possible. Consequently, if the patient suffers from serious
ailment with obesity as a major cause, they might have to go for
bariatric & laparoscopic surgery. However, this is not the case; the
best healthcare counselors joining hands with ALSA Pakistan
thoroughly guide and motivate patients for obesity treatment with
diet plan. After all, Prevention is much better than cure, especially in
your pocket!

Obesity treatment with diet plan

Diet plan, an alluring fake lie, or a reality?

Unlike several short-cut weight loss approach available out there, mostly the lifestyle of an obese person has
significant flexibility towards improvement and weight loss. ALSA Pakistan’s main focus is to cut down the
calorie intake and balance the body’s energy. At ALSA Pakistan, skillful dietitians advise you on the most
appropriate diet plan according to your body’s need and condition. A brief intro to the general weight loss diet
plans for obesity treatment with diet plan is as follows.

The low-fat Diet

ALSA Pakistan’s competent physicians and dietitians prepare a low-fat diet plan according to your health
condition and BMI. You would lose weight but not your health. Moreover, it is prepared to comply with
American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, and American Cancer Society. The diet plan for ≤
6 months to ≥ 12 months proves to be efficient in losing a total of 10-16 kg weight in 12 months.

Obesity treatment with diet plan

The low-fat Diet

When you leave the job in ALSA Pakistan, you do not need to worry about the details. A very low-fat diet also makes a good option for obesity treatment with diet plan. Such a plant-based diet plan accompanied by a healthy lifestyle such as aerobic exercise and no smoking reduces 20% in 22 weeks.

High Protein Diet

We aim to bring all the possible solutions for obesity treatment with diet plan on the table because no diet plan is a one-fits-all type of solution. Hence, before recommending a high-protein diet for quick weight loss, we make sure if it complies with the body conditions such as the patient must not have any kidney issue, diabetes, and hypertension, etc. Hence, ALSA Pakistan not only provides you the best solution but also escorts you through the journey.

Obesity treatment with diet plan
Obesity treatment with diet plan

Low-carbohydrate diet

There are various options for low carbohydrate diet such as Atkins New Diet revolution, Dukan diet, South Beach diet, etc. However, the top-notch dietitians at ALSA Pakistan choose the best one for you with a consultation with your general physician.

At ALSA Pakistan, we not only help you lose weight, but our whole team is dedicated to improving your overall
well-being. Hence, our priority is obesity treatment with diet plan rather than incision-based treatments. We welcome
you on a journey towards a healthier and happier lifestyle with our consistent support and the best advice.