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BMI calculator for Women & Men


BMI stands for body mass index. It is calculated by dividing the weight of a person to his/her height. The units can be different for every calculator. bmi calculator for men works according to their height and weight. This bmi calculator for men works for men correctly. bmi calculator works by dividing your weight to your height. After that the value of bmi obtained from bmi calculator for men is compared with the bmi chart that is also designed explicitly for bmi calculator for men.

BMI calculator women

BMI calculator women are different from the BMI calculator for men and it especially designed according to the weight and height of women. This calculator complements the weight and height of women. BMI calculator women also sometimes have the option to choose your age and that can also help in identifying your appropriate BMI and that comparing the value with BMI chart that is also specially designed for BMI calculator women.

Reason of different bmi calculator for men and women

Reason for bmi calculator men and bmi calculator for women is that both goes through various growth stages.

BMI calculator metric

BMI calculator metric is the BMI calculator that works and calculates BMI values according to the metric system. That BMI calculator metric uses the value of weight in kilograms while the value of height is taken in feet and inches. BMI calculator metric is mostly used in Asia while in the UK and USA BMI calculator metric is not used and rather the one with weight in pounds and height in meters and centimeters is used. Both systems are accurate. While the BMI calculator metric is just eased for the Asian people. BMI calculator metric is separately designed for men and women too. Bmi calculator doesn’t usually give accurate readings for males and females. But when we consider the BMI calculator for athletes, that’s where the problem starts. Because athletes have muscle and bone mass. So that is dense and it can be counted as weight by BMI calculator. So BMI calculator might not be that suitable for them. But there is other devices and calculators ideal for them.
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