Medical Tourism for Bariatric & Weight Loss Surgery

Take a Medical Tour Outside The Country & Get Affordable Laparoscopic Surgeries!

Bariatric and Laparoscopic Surgeries are being offered as
obesity & weight loss treatment under an economical
“International Patients Care Program by Alsa Pakistan”

Alsa Pakistan promotes medical tourism and offers an extensive range of facilities in terms of laparoscopic and bariatric surgeries. We are explicitly known for excellent patients care and service. Dr. Tahir Yunus, one of the most competent laparoscopic surgeons, is among the top-rated doctors in Pakistan. We are setting highest standards in patient satisfaction, safety and all types of our offered surgeries. Laparoscopic surgeries, including bariatric & weight loss surgery at Alsa Pakistan, hernia surgery, gall bladder alongside number of other related surgeries, are performed under complete care and supervision of an experienced surgeons team.

Medical Tour to Pakistan

Medical tourism in Pakistan for laparoscopic surgeries is getting common these days as the prices outside of Pakistan are relatively higher! Medical tour to Pakistan can be a golden opportunity for you in terms of cost as well as the environment. It is an excellent opportunity to get services of Alsa Pakistan if you are living abroad and concerned about your health.

We provide enjoyable space for treatment and the most qualified surgeon with the international exposure of work at very reasonable cost. Because we know about the expenses you might be facing abroad, so we encourage medical tourism and offer various laparoscopic surgeries at our place:

Obesity is a Disease

The pandemic of obesity has established a foothold all over the world. It has been threatening all developing and developed nations today. Today, the world has been witnessing an unprecedented growth in the number of obese people causing considerable health concerns among individuals. Bariatric & Weight loss surgery has become a fast emerging definitive therapy for obesity. As conventional medicines and therapies have proven to be less effective, so the laparoscopic surgery techniques are being applied confidently and successfully here at ALSA Pakistan.

It has proven to be successful in terms of cost as well as remission of various complications. We are offering laparoscopic surgeries as well as bariatric & weight loss surgery by taking medical tourism to minimise the suffering of debilitating obesity patients.

The need for Bariatric Surgery

At Alsa Pakistan, we make you lose your weight without losing your charm! According to recent studies, there is a growing number of people suffering from obesity. For solving this ailment, bariatric surgery procedures are leading to make significant positive changes in your body. But unfortunately, Bariatric surgery is an expensive treatment, and not everyone can afford it. Especially in the west and middle east where the charges are very high.

Everyone deserves to be fit. But everyone is not rich enough to afford the heavy expense treatment. Dr.Tahir Yunus at Alsa Pakistan, provides the most affordable surgeries, including Bariatric & weight loss surgery, Hernia repair and Laparoscopic cholecystectomy surgery.

Lose Weight and get Healthy

At Alsa Pakistan, we are committed to providing the best environment for bariatric & weight loss surgery at the lower rates comparatively. Dr Tahir Yunus is rated among the top bariatric surgeons in Pakistan today. For people living abroad where treatment of obesity is quite expensive, it is a good time to get a perfect laparoscopic surgery. We do not compromise any material used in surgery. By ensuring complete sterilization and hygiene standards, we make sure to do successful surgeries.

Hernia Repair at Alsa Pakistan

Alsa Pakistan has undergone a highly complex inguinal hernia surgery. Hernia is basically a hole through the muscle layers in the abdominal wall. It causes a bulge in the abdomen or groin. If not treated timely, it can cause severe harms to your internal organs. As well as cause a serious problem called strangulation. Today, Pakistan has become a global destination for medical tourism for low cost bariatric and laparoscopic surgeries.

As the cost of the same surgery in abroad ranges from $10,000 to $25,000, Alsa Pakistan is providing the same surgery at low prices. Dr Tahir is one of the most competent surgeons in Pakistan. Alsa Pakistan uses the best sterile environment for having a hernia surgery without the risks of any infections. We use the advanced technologies for sterilization and have the most stringent policies in the operating room to provide you with safe surgery at international standards.

We use ERAS or ‘enhanced recovery after surgery’ modalities which is the most advanced anesthetic techniques to provide a pain-free surgery and enhanced recovery after surgery. Dr. Tahir is one of the most competent doctors in Pakistan and is always in the front line to serve the nationals as well as internationals at the most reasonable costs.

Gall bladder surgery

by Dr. Tahir Yunus

Alsa Pakistan offers the most convenient approach for laparoscopic surgeries towards its patients. The modern method of surgery is a perfect fit for removing gall bladder stones through small incisions. We have state of the art laparoscopic theatre setup with the innovative technology and modern tools & gadgets. Our anesthesia team is capable enough of taking care of critically ill patients subject to advance laparoscopic treatments. The surgeries provided at our place are assured of having safe and healthy after effects. You should get your surgeries done from us because we provide:

Less post-
operative pain

hospital stay

No major

No wound

Low incidence of adhesion & obstruction

Laparoscopic & Bariatric

Surgery in your Homeland

When it comes to weight loss surgery and laparoscopy, it is a perfect decision to come towards us and get your
surgery done. Who says you cannot travel out of the country to get treatment? As a fact, millions of people take
a medical tour to various countries to find the surgery accordingly. Medical tourism is a popular way to get
bariatric as well as laparoscopic surgery as it will give you a significant impact on your pocket.

Medical Tourism affordable


Due to rising costs in various medical treatments in countries like United States, Canada and Australia, it makes good financial sense to enjoy the benefits of medical tourism and travel to Pakistan for the most affordable prices of treatments. In the United States, the cost of laparoscopic surgery is around $23000 whereas the same surgery is done at Alsa Pakistan at just $4000 by a US qualified Dr. Tahir Yunus. He holds the highest patient safety standards at low cost. At Alsa Pakistan, you can get high-quality laparoscopic care within your budget.The following table offers a comparative analysis of the costs (in US Dollars) of having different Laparoscopic and Bariatric surgeries in Pakistan compared to the USA, and UK.

Procedure Cost in USA Cost in UK Cost in Pakistan
Laparoscopic RY Gastric Bypass $23000 $16000 $4000
Laparoscopic Mini Gastric Bypass Available at very few centers $15000 $3500
Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy $15000 $11000 $3000
Laparoscopic Hiatal Hernia repair and Nissen Fundoplication Surgery $10000 $8000 $1500
Laparoscopic gall bladder Or cholecystectomy Surgery $8500 $7000 $1200
Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia surgery $7750 $5000 $1000

A highly skilled surgeon at Alsa Pakistan

Dr. Tahir Yunus completed his general surgery training in Michigan and qualified with the American Board of Surgery then completed a fellowship in Advanced Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgery at the University of California San Francisco. He then further completed the American Board of Obesity Medicine qualification. He has over 20 years’ experience and completed over 3000 surgeries. He performs all forms of bariatric surgeries including redo bariatric surgery. He also deals with upper gastrointestinal problems and performs laparoscopic gastrointestinal surgeries. He is an expert laparoscopic surgeon and manages most hernia problems laparoscopically.

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