Multidisciplinary Weight Management Approach

After a successful journey of 13 years, ALSA Pakistan medical tourism has opened the vast opportunity of treating obesity for people suffering abroad. We, at ALSA Pakistan, provide you a complete solution to obesity with a variety of options. The talented ALSA Pakistan team of professionals proceeds with a multidisciplinary approach to free its clients from the stress of weight management.

At ALSA Pakistan, we treat obesity at four different levels. Our dedicated team conducts a keen assessment of your condition and suggests an apt treatment method for you. Following the diagnosis, you are referred to the related in-house expert. ALSA Pakistan provides you full assistance with obesity treatment which may be via lifestyle change, psychological counseling, medical and surgical treatment. 

Complying with the international trend of medical tourism and standards, ALSA Pakistan now offers you state-of -the-art health care services trade across the border.

Costs with High- quality

We understand your cost concern but our priority is your health!

Alsa Pakistan Medical Tourism

Does not only ensure facilitation of the best obesity treatment worldwide but we also ensure that its pocket friendly. Generally, the costs of such treatments are very high. However, we manage to provide you the best pre and post-operative care, proper hygiene, and successful surgeries at minimal costs. Apart from this, travel & accommodation is the major concern with medical tourism.

You need not to worry. Leave it all to ALSA Pakistan medical tourism team. ALSA Pakistan services mean a full assistance and the most convenient accommodation & commute plan according to your plan. Hence, you may avoid the additional travel & accommodation charges and benefit from the bariatric & laparoscopic surgeries in at an extremely affordable budget. 

With this, Dr. Tahir Yunus, known as the top-ranked bariatric surgeons in Pakistan, offers you the most advanced technologies for abdominal surgeries such as gastrointestinal surgeries, complex hernias, and cancer surgeries. Laparoscopy is one of the best options for it requires a short-term hospital stay, causes no major wounds, lesser pain, and has a very low incidence of obstruction and adhesion. 

Furthermore, ALSA Pakistan services are the best in terms of comfort and keen observation of physicians and paramedical staff. The wards are well-designed to accommodate both the patient under treatment as well as the attendant. Moreover, state-of-the-art equipment and observance of international Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs) make ALSA Pakistan a top pick for your weight management.

State of the Art Equipment and Techniques

To provide the most satisfactory ALSA Pakistan services, we use the best quality advanced technology equipment. One such example is the Inbody 770 Body composition analyzer which gives you a full account of body fat and muscle mass. Attributing to the founder of ALSA Pakistan, the quality weight management and treatment at affordable prices has showed a ray of hope to not only Pakistani locals but to all the suffering people around the globe. ALSA Pakistan maintains a successful record of surgeries with no risk of infections due to its stringent hygiene policies.

While performing the treatment bariatric & laparoscopic surgeries, we utilize advanced sterilization technologies. We observe strict hygiene policies abiding by the international standards in operating rooms. Furthermore, we integrate Enhanced Recovery after Surgery (ERAS) techniques to facilitate you with pain-free surgery and a fastened post-surgery recovery.

Known for excellent care and services, we not only treat obesity but aim to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our well-trained and co-operative medical staff ensures this by offering a post-treatment complete guidance for sustaining long-term health.

All you need to do is Trust US!

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