Inbody 770 | Body composition Analyzer

At ALSA, we own a very unique and accurate machine called Inbody 770 is not a traditional body composition analyzer, and it takes a very profound in-depth look into the body water. Inbody analyzer is used in many countries including the USA, Japan, and many European countries. This machine offers two types of results sheets:

Body Composition Analyzer

This body composition analyzer provides you details regarding segmental ECW/ TBW ratios. Body composition analyzer will help you understand your body fat ratio, muscle mass, basal metabolic rate and also visceral fat percentage in your body. Body composition analyzer also tells us the weight of the muscle tissue in each part of the body.
Medical professionals from all over the world trust the analytical abilities of this device for a clinical setting

Body water analyzer | Accurate BMI calculation

The body water analyzer performs segmental ICW analysis and segmental ECW analysis for figuring out injuries and also understanding about the fluid distribution in every segment of the body. This body water analyzing machine actually offers patients a very personalized reading for them. This body water analyzer provides readings with care, convenience and accuracy. It also distinguishes between extracellular and intracellular water. It can tell people about the ratio of water in their fluid compartments which is essential for obese patients in setting their weight loss goals.

Taking Readings with Inbody 770 analyzer

For doing a reading for yourself, you need to stand on the device and hold in hands two electrodes, and just in matter of 60 seconds, Inbody 770 analyzer will measure your muscle mass, body water levels and will also calculate your BMI. This machine at ALSA will calculate all readings with accuracy and there is no chance of estimations.

Importance of this measuring device

This measuring device at ALSA holds a significant place of its own. And it is an essential measuring device for any hospital, school, or any other professional place that needs a through calculation and analysis of body composition and body water. The main advantage of Inbody 770 analyzer is that it measures body in segments and the technology for body composition does not require the use of empirical corrections for age or gender.


What makes InBody different from other devices that perform multi-frequency impedance analysis?

  • Measurement of direct resistance segment (DSM-BIA)
  • Accurate measurements for any body type
  • Four-pole 8-point tactile electrode system that provides a high level of reproducibility of results
  • Accurate body measurement

What makes this Inbody 770 different from others?

  • Measures direct resistance segment that is (DSM-BIA)
  • Accuracy in measurement for any type of body
  • A very reliable four-pole 3-point tactile electrode system that will give a high level of reproducibility results
  • High efficiency in calculating body measurements