What is Health Insurance

Health insurance is the type of insurance that pays for surgical, medical, and other health expenses of the person by knowing the risks for the health. Health insurance can cover all expenses regarding surgery and medicines. At ALSA, we provide bariatric surgery insurance and get laparoscopic procedures insured.

Health Insurance Benefits

Health insurance has many benefits. Health insurance has a significant benefit of covering up the best care and medical procedures for you. It can cover for systems under health insurance. Health insurance benefits cover up everything from critical illness to minor medication therapy.

Bariatric Surgery Insurance

Here at ALSA, we provide Bariatric surgery insurance. That is a weight loss surgery. And the insurance will take care of the whole surgical procedure.

Laparoscopic Insurance

Laparoscopic insurance can take care expenses of all the laparoscopic procedures you will have at ALSA. Laparoscopic insurance can provide you full insurance policy for hernia surgeries, gastric bypass, and other gastrointestinal surgeries.

Weight loss insurance

Weight loss insurance at ALSA also comes under Bariatric surgery, and the medication for weight loss will also be covered under that. So if you are interested in the weight loss surgery, you need to not worry about that because ALSA will take care of that.
This health insurance will involve Anesthesia, Operation room per-hour costs, and also surgeons’ fee.

Reading and Understanding Insurance Policy

Insurance policy is in the form of legal contracts for the understanding of your rights and responsibilities. That contract will also guide you regarding the costs that your bariatric surgery insurance will not cover. In case you are having any problems regarding the bariatric insurance policy or laparoscopic insurance, then you can clarify all that from the company. Also, gain information from the company regarding having prior authorization for specific procedures. Contact the insurance company regarding issues with bariatric surgery insurance, weight loss insurance, and laparoscopic insurance, and they will take care of your concerns.

Clients for Insurance at ALSA

Our Clients for health insurance includes the following:

  • Takaful Pakistan Limited
  • Jubilee Life Insurance
  • Shaheen Insurance
  • TPL Life Insurance
  • Jubilee General Insurance
  • Adamjee Insurance Co.
  • The United Insurance Co.
  • NHA
  • Olaxdoc
  • HealthConnex Pvt. Ltd.
  • Askari General Insurance Co.
  • Asia Insurance
  • NESPAK Society Resident
  • Wapda Town Resident
  • Valencia Town Resident
  • IGI Life Insurance
  • IGI General Insurance
Bariatric Surgery Insurance