History of ALSA Pakistan

ALSA Pakistan has been a name of quality and trust in the healthcare sector since 2008. The organization, which was once a one-person army, is now serving many people. Starting as a center for weight loss and bariatric surgery, ALSA Pakistan has earned its name among the best organizations for weight loss treatment in Pakistan, all due to the perspiring efforts of Dr. Tahir Yunus, the founder of ALSA Pakistan. His wide-ranged administrative experience at the American College of Surgery NSQIP and MBSAQIP, management at the Surgery Department housing more than 60 physicians, and strategic development for expanding operating rooms have served as the strong foundation for ASLA Pakistan.

ALSA Pakistan aimed to reduce the patient’s frustrations in seeking surgical help, such as scheduling delays, out-dates equipment & supplies, and limited operating room availability. As a result, we have been successfully managing to stay atop the standards of service in the healthcare sector.

History of ALSA Pakistan

Furthermore, his eminent contribution to laparoscopic surgical services at national and international forums is evidence of our focus on providing our patients with the best suitable medical treatments maneuvering the advanced medical techniques. Attributing to the stern self-governance and professional autonomy, we have efficiently provided top-notch surgical care to both local and global patients. We have maintained a reputable position for providing the best quality surgical services at a state-of-the-art facility to more than 3000 patients nationwide.

Over time, our panel of professional surgeons has been expanding as we have been taking aboard the best qualified and experienced surgeons experts in other fields of medicine, and we aim to continue to do so. Hence, we continue to offer excellent medical care to the patients. Furthermore, owing to the concerted efforts of medical and paramedical staff, we now welcome the patients aspiring for the best medical treatment from across the borders. Not only do we promise the best treatment, post-operative care, and healthy recovery with the stringent hygienic environment, but we also take care of our expatriate patient’s leisure. For this purpose, we established a medical tourism team dedicated to providing expatriate patients with the best accommodation and opportunities for leisure according to their medical conditions and personal preferences.


We offer the patient ease of access to the high-tech surgical options at a state-of-the-art facility so that our patients may get the promise, individualized, and quality medical treatment at ALSA Pakistan.


ALSA Pakistan has been established to offer advanced surgical solutions with premium post-operative care at one platform accessible easily. Our service has n bounds; therefore, we welcome the patients regardless of their location on the face of the earth.


  • 1To offer a safe environment before and after the surgical procedure.
  • 2Maintaining an atmosphere of compassion and understanding to relive the patient.
  • 3Top-notch paramedical staff assistance for the physicians to achieve the ideal result during the surgical procedure under optimum conditions.
  • 4Promoting and improving the technical and scientific skills of our team members.
  • 5Ensuring the improvement in healthcare quality via stringent adherence to the standards and policies.
  • 6To offer patients the best appropriate environment according to the highest clinical and scientific standards.