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With our state-of-the-art facility that abides by the global medical standards for general and advanced laparoscopic surgeries at ALSA
Pakistan, we offer you the following services with the promise of intensive pre and post-operative care.

Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery

With the minimally invasive laparoscopic technique, we help you lose weight by reducing the stomach size by 70%-80%. It limits food consumption and enhances satiety....Read More

Metabolic Surgery

We treat diabetes and metabolic dysfunctions with the best suitable metabolic surgery that relieves the symptoms of the other comorbidities, such as heart disease, hypertension, sleep apnea, etc.....Read More

Roux-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery

The weight-loss experts reduce the stomach size in Roux-Y gastric bypass and reroute the remaining functional part with the Roux appendage of the small intestine.....Read More

Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass refers to the 90% reduction of the stomach size and rerouting of the small pouch with the jejunum of the small intestine.....Read More

Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery

Implying both the restrictive and mal-absorptive approaches, we help you lose 70% of your excess weight......Read More

Single Anastomosis duodeno-ileal Bypass (SADI) Surgery

ALSA Pakistan brings you the premium weight loss option based on the malabsorptive and restrictive approach......Read More

Circumcision Surgery

Our range of general and advanced laparoscopic surgeries also includes seamless and hassle-free circumcision surgery for the child at the hands of the best experienced pediatric surgeon in Pakistan......Read More

Paediatric Inguinal
Hernia Surgery

We have brought you a minimally invasive solution for your child’s inguinal hernia. Using the latest Laparoscopic, non-mesh inguinal hernia repair, the pediatric surgeon fixes the hernia with 2-3 minor incisions......Read More

Testicle Surgery

If you observe that your child has an absent testis or is in his groin area, ALSA Pakistan is your spot. Here, we perform laparoscopic and open orchiopexy surgery to resolve the issue......Read More

Hernia Surgery

We at ALSA Pakistan offer you the minimally invasive surgical treatment for abdominal hernia repair with promised quick recovery....Read More


ALSA Pakistan promises a better healthy lifestyle to the locals and anyone across the borders with general and advanced laparoscopic surgeries...Read More

Appendectomy Surgery

We offer the minimally invasive treatment to appendicitis as the expert surgeon removes the inflamed appendix laparoscopically......Read More

Let’s Get Into ALSA Pakistan

Founded in 2008 by Pakistan’s one of the best laparoscopic surgeons, Dr. Tahir Yunus ALSA Pakistan, provides advanced and suitable solutions to patients with severe obesity. Since then, we have been serving people intending to give the best surgical health care services to the locals and ex-pats, including general and advanced laparoscopic surgeries.

general and advanced laparoscopic surgeries

Dr. Tahir has subspecialized in laparoscopic gastrointestinal and bariatric surgery from the University of California. He has been certified by the American Board of Obesity Management (ABOM) and the American Board of Obesity Medicine as an expert. Currently, he is a member of the Pakistan Metabolic and Bariatric surgery society and serves patients suffering from severe obesity with a unique, multistep approach.

After maintaining a successful history of more than 2000 general and 1000 bariatric surgeries, ASLA Pakistan has widened the spectrum of its services. Known as the best pediatric surgeon, Dr. Muhammad Mohsin has recently joined ALSA Pakistan after serving at International Medical Centre, Saudi Arabia. He previously served at Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital in Paediatric Surgical Oncology. Dr. Mohsin is ranked among the top Paediatric surgeons for his expert skillset and extensive experience of about 12 years in the field.

We are here to help you with obesity management and complex paediatric issues with up-to-date tech-savvy surgical techniques for general and advanced laparoscopic surgeries. Hence, if you are looking for a facility that houses the best professional medical and paramedical staff, abides by the global standards for surgery, and promises you careful post-operative care and healthy recovery, ALSA Pakistan is the best choice for you!


Clients Reviews

general and advanced laparoscopic surgeries

I had a miserable life with sleep apnea and had to use the CPAP machine always, having a sleeve gastrectomy surgery with Dr. Yunus cured the sleep apnea and has made life much easier.


general and advanced laparoscopic surgeries

I was able cure my back and knee pains and start enjoying life after having bariatric surgery, thanks for your professional care Dr. Yunus.


general and advanced laparoscopic surgeries
“In January 2012, I decided to visit Dr. Tahir Yunus to learn about obesity surgeries and to choose what is appropriate for my condition, after my inability to lose weight by normal methods.”


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ALSA Pakistan?

It is a platform that houses experienced surgeons of different fields to offer you the surgical services you may ever need according to the international medical standards for surgery.

What is Bariatric Surgery?

Mal-absorptive or restrictive weight loss surgeries such as sleeve gastrectomy, mini gastric bypass, and Roux-Y gastric bypass are bariatric surgeries.

What is laparoscopic surgery?

Instead of a 1-3 inches long incision, the surgeon makes three 1-3 mm incisions to insert a tube with a camera and light (laparoscope) and surgical instruments to perform the laparoscopic surgery.

Recovery from laparoscopic surgery?

As the surgery is minimally invasive and the incisions are tiny, recovery from laparoscopic surgery is much quicker than open surgery, 5-7 days only.

Who needs bariatric surgery?

Typically, obese people with BMI 35-40 or more, especially those who suffer from weight-related health issues, are the candidates for bariatric surgery.

Why ALSA for pediatric surgery?

At ALSA Pakistan, we treat your child with advanced minimally invasive techniques; laparoscopic surgery is less risky and heals quicker than open surgery.

The Call for Bariatric Surgery in Pakistan

According to a local report, Pakistan is the 9th country of the world with the most obese and corpulent people. The most crucial point of concern that more than 21% population is facing today is obesity. The overweight and bulkiness, being the problem apprehended across the board, need to be scrutinized timely. Today, due to wrong and faulty eating habits with sketchy physical exercise, the calamitous hitch of obesity has been increasing speedily with each passing day. As a result, people are either losing sleep and getting panic over this catastrophe or facing severe health issues, including severe heart problems.

Bariatric Surgeries with Lowest-Cost Possible

We not only provide proficient Bariatric and laparoscopic surgeries, with the lowest cost possible, but do provide step-by-step guidance throughout the journey to maintain your fitness for a lifetime. When an individual decides to get Bariatric surgery in Pakistan from us, he receives a complete package of surgery and a diet plan with a suitable exercise plan from us.

Swing of Bariatric Surgery

To eliminate excess weight and bulkiness, people have started to opt for Bariatric Surgery & weight loss surgery in Pakistan. Now here in Pakistan, Bariatric Surgery is fast emerging as an absolute and definite therapeutic alternative for obesity with cost-efficiency and a high success rate.

The Entailing Components of our Surgery


  • Health & nutrition tips.
  • Diet plans are precisely personalized.
  • Complete medical care after surgery

Comprehensive Care for your Prosperity

Our team cares deeply about giving definitive treatment. It is recognized here that the Bariatric Surgery for Weight Loss does not stand alone for staying fit and promoting long-lasting weight loss, so overall holistic healthcare is also provided to maintain your needs and quality of life. With the collaboration of multi-disciplinary staff with an experienced doctor, we provide an ultimate plan for obesity.

Services across the Country-Wide

The leading and noble Bariatric Surgeon in Lahore, Dr. Tahir, being the authentic and most trusted consultant and surgeon, provides the most uncomplicated and relaxed surgeries. Physically available in Lahore, but people from other cities, including Karachi, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Gujrat, Multan, and Peshawar, etc. visit him explicitly and routinely to keep themselves fit and healthy!

How ALSA Pakistan has transmuted the Bariatric Surgery

We are here with one of the proficient Bariatric Surgeons in Lahore. Dr. Tahir is a general consultant & Bariatric Surgeon in Pakistan who practices in a well-known hospital as a senior doctor. Serving the people for more than 11 years, he has shown complete dedication and devotion towards his work and people by treating them very best. All the progress and changes in surgical technology are quickly absorbed by ALSAPakistan, leaving it in the frontline always.

The Remarkable ALSA Pakistan for Weight Loss

Obesity, being the global health problem, contributes to various life-threatening diseases, like diabetes mellitus and coronary artery disease. The traditional weight-loss method has gone failed with increasing and compact obesity.

The Success Rate of Bariatric Surgery

This surgery is a proven mechanism for long-term weight loss. Researches have shown that more than 20% of body fat vanishes away with a successful Weight Loss surgery. The process of losing weight in bulk starts after around 30 days of surgery.

We provide the Advance Surgeries procedure

Several types of bariatric surgeries are provided by the experienced and practiced surgeon according to the suitability