Total Medical Tourism Timeframe for Obesity Treatment

Well-experienced ALSA Pakistan physicians and health care professionals staff conducts a detailed diagnosis of the patient and propose the best suitable treatment which may include tests and reports. Following the diagnosis, the patient is recommended with the related treatment procedure. After the treatment, the patient is kept under stringent observation for the post-treatment wellness and healthcare check. Hence we ensure our healthcare professionals team performance dedicated for your wellbeing. Approximately, our medical tourism timeframe comprises about 14 days depending upon your location and preferences.

When Pakistan makes such an attractive tourists destination, ALSA Pakistan endeavors to entertain their patients not only with the best treatment but recreation as well.

It All Depends Upon You!

Wherever you are from, ALSA Pakistan medical tourism team facilitates you with everything you will ever need. Whether you have a tight schedule, or you decide not to keep staring at the hospital white washed walls, we are here to escort you.

If you are travelling from farther places such as USA, you will be having longer flight duration and a wider timeframe. However, clients from nearer countries will be able to complete their treatment in shorter period of time.

Just according to your plan, our medical tourism timeframe is flexible to your liking. Our package includes a detailed breakdown of your

  • Air Tickets
  • Arrival
  • Travel & Commute
  • Accomodation

Furthermore, we also give a wide array of options for your leisure time. Some of our options are:

  • Theater or opera bookings
  • Water tours
  • Reservation for restaurants
  • Car or short walking distance
  • Guided tours to historical sights

Say hi to a healthy life – again!

ALSA Pakistan medical tourism timeframe allows you to enjoy a treat not only to your body but to your soul as well. We care to share the culture rich land of Pakistan with you to help you get to a happy healthy life again. We believe a refreshed soul promises the speedy recovery and no doubt recreation is the best way to level up your spirits.

In short, we aim to give you the best ever experience not only in terms of quality & dedication but strict hygienic environment and enjoying the leisure time as well. Hence, you may venture on the journey of a new healthy life.


Day No.







Post-treatment observation