No Need to Panicked with Fatty liver Disease

Fatty liver disease, abbreviated as NAFLD, has affected approximately 25% of the world’s population. We have taken responsibility to eradicate obesity because it gives way to a wide array of other health issues. Similarly, among all the other risk factors of fatty liver disease such as hypertension, diabetes, smoking, metabolic syndrome, and hypercholesterolemia, obesity is the major one. Moreover, accumulation of fat in the liver combined with systemic and hepatic inflammation abnormalities further leads to insulin dyslipidemia, insulin resistance, and other cardiovascular issues. Therefore, treatment of fatty liver disease is one of our major concerns as it may lead to severe conditions such as steatohepatitis leading to liver fibrosis and cirrhosis.

When you should consider diet for fatty liver?

Fatty liver disease is a progressive disease that may start with no to very minor symptoms. Hence, patients are often diagnosed with the disease at later stage life-threatening stages. However, we aim to treat the disease at earlier stages. Following are the stages of the disease.

1 Steatohepatitis

It is just about the accumulation of fat in the liver with no serious harm. It is often diagnosed in the tests conducted for an entirely different purpose. You can easily overcome the disease if you consider a strict diet for fatty liver at this stage; the perfect time to go for treatment of fatty liver disease.

2 Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH)

The stage is slightly dangerous where the liver swells up.

3 Fibrosis

The persistent inflammation of the liver leads to the formation of scar tissue over the liver and the connected blood vessels. However, at this stage, the liver can still function properly.

4 Cirrhosis

The last stage of fatty liver disease comes after years of persistent inflammation. The liver shrinks, get scarred and is lumpy. This permanent damage leads to liver failure and cancer.

We envision offering our people the best and lifelong fatty liver cure by weight loss.

What does ALSA Pakistan Offer For Fatty Liver Disease?

We aim to treat 13 cancers associated with obesity with laparoscopic and bariatric surgery, but why you should choose to treat cancers with bariatric surgery?

In comparison to the typical surgical procedures, laparoscopic surgeons make five to six very small incisions in the abdomen, not more than only half an inch. Further, they insert a laparoscope to visualize the organs on a monitor and other surgical tools through these incisions to perform the surgery. As a result, the procedure proves to be the best for cancer weight loss, such as:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Diet and lifestyle change
  • Pharmacotherapy
  • Bariatric surgery

With careful consideration of the patient’s health, such as if they are suffering from any related morbidities, we offer a promising fatty liver cure by bariatric surgery.

Treatment of fatty liver

Weight Loss Surgery for Fatty Liver

As fatty liver disease does not show any evident symptoms until the severe stage, we suggest the best promising solution to the issue, bariatric surgery for fatty liver. Depending upon our patient’s medical condition and preferences, the weight-loss professionals suggest the best suited Bariatric Surgery for NAFLD. Therefore, we offer the following options for NAFLD treatment with bariatric surgery.

1 Roux-Y gastric bypassitis

Under the expert supervision of Pakistan’s top laparoscopic surgeon Dr Tahir Yunus offers you the best Weight loss surgery for NAFLD. The surgeon separates the upper portion of the stomach with staples and reduces its size to an egg. Consequently, he connects this reduced portion with the small intestine roux appendage. Hence, they reduce the capacity of the stomach to hold food and the segment that works for absorption of food.

2 Laparoscopic Mini gastric bypass

Another option to treat fatty liver with Bariatric Surgery is bypass surgery. The surgeon staples 90% of the upper stomach, much smaller than the roux-y gastric surgery. The stapled portion of the stomach is rerouted to the jejunum.

3 Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy

We also treat cure fatty liver with bariatric surgery that reduces your stomach by 70%-85% into a banana shape.

To provide our people with a promising and immediate fatty liver cure by weight loss surgery, we have onboard highly qualified weight loss surgeon, skilled paramedical staff, state-of-the-art machinery, and stringent hygienic environment. So, visit us for Bariatric Surgery for fatty liver treatment before it gets too late for the treatment of fatty liver!