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Refine, Transform and Lose Weight with Bariatric Surgery Or Weight Loss Surgery

While losing weight may be challenging, though it is doable. We know that shedding excess fat benefits your health and may significantly improve your life's quality and span. ALSA(Advanced Laparoscopic Surgical Associates), has developed new and emerging bariatric surgery procedures for weight loss at an American-based institute, Ever Care Hospital. Our bariatric surgeon specialising in the most affordable weight loss surgeries helps you lose weight to meet or exceed worldwide standards.

Obesity – An Overview

The terms "overweight" and "obesity" refer to a state of excessive or unusual fat buildup that poses a health concern. A patient with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or above is considered overweight, while anyone with a BMI more than 30 is obese. The global burden of illness reports that over 4 million individuals died directly from excess weight or obesity, proving that the problem has reached epidemic proportions. Among adults and children, rates of overweight and obesity have been rising steadily in recent years. Obesity is highly threatful to people if not treated timely, causing them to indulge in many health hazards that ultimately lead to death.

How Does Bariatric Surgery Work?

Bariatric Surgery reduces stomach size to facilitate weight loss is quite prevalent. Its various surgical techniques are used as tools to affect the patient's digestive system. The aim is to trick the brain into thinking it's full on a minimal quantity of food. Consequently, the patient's post-operative caloric intake will be less.

Bariatric Surgery Packages include:

Pre and post-surgery Consultations with






Pre-op tests: $250 includes complete health check-up tests

Ultrasound abdomen

Thyroid profile

Diabetes tests

Vitamin D & B12 levels

Iron and calcium levels

Ultrasound abdomen

Pelvis cardiac ECG & Echo

Complete blood

Renal profile

Liver profile

1 week 5-star hotel stay with the

Airport to hotel and hospital driver services: $800

Tourism activities: upon request

Anti-reflux Surgery
(Hiatal hernia and Fundoplication)
Achalasia Surgery
(Heller Myotomy and Fundoplication)
Laparoscopic abdominal hernia repair with mesh Laparoscopic groin
(inguinal) hernia repair with mesh
Laparoscopic gall bladder removal surgery (cholecystectomy)
Package Package The package depends on the size of hernia ranging Package Package





$2000 to



One-side only

$1200 Both sides




Hospitalization with surgery Pre- and Post-op consultations: Hospitalization with surgery Pre- and Post-op consultations: Hospitalization with surgery Pre- and Post-op consultations: Hospitalization with surgery Pre- and Post-op consultations: Hospitalization with surgery Pre- and Post-op consultations:
Surgeon Surgeon Surgeon Surgeon Surgeon
Gastroenterologist gastroenterologist anesthesia Gastroenterologist Gastroenterologist Anesthesia
Anesthesia nutritionist Anesthesia Anesthesia nutritionist
Nutritionist 2-day hospital stay with a deluxe private room Nutritionist Nutritionist surgery with 2-day hospital stay with deluxe private room
2-day hospital stay with the deluxe private room 2-day hospital stay with a deluxe private room 2-day hospital stay with the deluxe private room
using high-quality brand (Medtronic) mesh using high-quality brand (Medtronic) mesh
Tests: $500 Tests: $400 Pre-op tests: $200 Pre-op tests: $100
All relevant labs and tests All relevant labs and tests includes complete health check-up tests includes complete health check-up tests
Complete blood Complete blood Complete blood Complete blood
Renal profile Renal profile Renal profile Renal profile
lipid profile lipid profile lipid profile lipid profile
thyroid profile thyroid profile thyroid profile thyroid profile
diabetes tests diabetes tests diabetes tests diabetes tests
ultrasound abdomen ultrasound abdomen ultrasound abdomen
esophageal motility study esophageal motility study
pH study pH study, upper endoscopy
upper endoscopy

Bariatric surgery – An Ultimate Weight Loss Solution

When a patient's extra weight causes medical complications such as diabetes, high blood pressure, joint discomfort, irregular cholesterol levels in the blood, sleep apnea, risk of developing heart disease, etc., doctors may suggest they can lose weight with bariatric surgery. Those who have tried and failed to lose weight with medication, changes in food and lifestyle, and continue to gain weight, may find this strategy a great option. However, bariatric surgery for Londoners is becoming a leading trend for rapid weight loss.

Different Bariatric Surgery Procedures

ALSA offers the three most common bariatric surgery options for weight loss. Our team of qualified American professionals in bariatric surgery has helped individuals of all sizes and shapes achieve their weight loss goals. You may get the help you need to get in shape and improve your lifestyle with our international medical treatments and resources. Therefore, you can prefer weight loss surgery overseas if you find it unaffordable in your homeland, and ALSA Pakistan is the right destination. Depending on how many pounds you need to drop off, these are as follows:

  • Laparoscopic Roux-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery
  • Laparoscopic Mini Gastric Bypass
  • Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy

By eliminating or rerouting a section of the digestive system, gastric bypass surgery reduces the patient's stomach size and makes it harder for the body to absorb food. As a result, the operation helps the patient lose weight by preventing the absorption of calories. Laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery is the most effective method for achieving and maintaining weight loss. Patients with a body mass index (BMI) over 40 and a weight loss goal of 130 pounds are good candidates and can significantly lose weight with bariatric surgery. It also promotes weight loss of 60%-80% and increases body energy levels.

Laparoscopic mini gastric bypass is the most accessible and successful kind of bariatric surgery for London. It combines the benefits of the gastric sleeve and the traditional gastric bypass. A tube the size of the top three-quarters of a sleeve is formed by vertically slicing the stomach in half and connecting it to an intestinal loop.

To lose weight, the least invasive option is the mini-gastric bypass. Patients who have previously had gastric banding or sleeve surgery but have been unsuccessful in losing weight or who have experienced band-related problems and are considering revision surgery may also find it preferable.

Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy slows the digestive process because of the smaller stomach size. After surgery, the stomach's capacity may be reduced to as little as 3 to 4 ounces, when a typical stomach can contain around 3 quarts. The smaller a person's stomach, the more likely it is that a calorie restriction diet will help them lose weight. Gastric sleeve surgery abroad has become one of the primary reasons people opt for medical tourism to seek weight loss surgery abroad. This bariatric surgical treatment is now called the "Gold Standard" for weight loss and guarantees an 80-90% success rate.

Live more and lose Little!

How Can Weight Loss Surgery
for Obesity Help People?

The following list of benefits makes bariatric surgery an excellent option for anyone seeking to lose weight;

  • The least intrusive weight reduction surgery may lessen appetite by modifying gut-to-brain transmission.
  • Achieving a healthy food portion is as simple as letting yourself feel full and satisfied with the food you've eaten earlier on.
  • You may decrease your calorie intake by as much as 30% by skipping the first 150–200 cm of your small intestine.
  • Redirecting the flow of food causes hormonal changes in the digestive tract, reversing a major cause of obesity-related type 2 diabetes.

Decisions Regarding Weight Loss Surgery

The expected success rate is one of the most common inquiries about weight loss surgery. However, a patient's best option for bariatric surgery will depend on various factors. Therefore, individuals considering Weight Loss Surgery should be aware of the fact that doing so would need significant adjustments to their way of life. Weight loss and treatment of obesity may be an excellent platform provided by ALSA Pakistan. The best Laparoscopic Surgeon rearranges or reduces the connection between the stomach and the intestine. These specific alterations lead to less food desire by the body and result in rapid weight loss. Therefore, to help you decide which bariatric surgery is best for you, our specialists will provide you with all the details you need.

ALSA – An American-Based International Hospital for Bariatric Surgery

ALSA is a progressive, sophisticated medical centre offering cost-effective weight loss surgery overseas. The broad spectrum of the latest medical treatments and facilities for international patients enable them to lose weight with bariatric surgery. It provides a full range of clinical, diagnostic, and treatments with cutting-edge equipment. Further, our dominating diagnostics and treatment options guarantee that each patient gets care at or above the worldwide benchmark. Improving the quality of healthcare and impacting millions of people's life, bringing a new change We've come a long way on the path toward our goal of improving healthcare across the world. We constantly improve our offerings to become the best international tertiary care hospital. As a reliable and recognised healthcare provider in the medical community, our team of highly professional staff and American qualified surgeon, Dr Tahir Yunus, has worked tirelessly to establish this centre for bariatric surgery. In addition, it is one of the premier facilities for treating obesity. Our patients are our priority. We take pride in our quality work! Desiring the cheapest weight loss surgery in London? Now you don’t have to wait longer. As an obsessive standard healthcare providers, we are here to lessen patients’ issues while trying to get surgical care, such as long wait times, outdated tools, and a lack of available operating rooms. Thus, we have maintained our position as the healthcare industry's service standards leader.


Finding a competent weight loss surgeon might seem to be a difficult task, but it is not. After years of service overseas, an unmatched personality with exceptional moral and professional traits has made his debut in Pakistan. Dr Tahir Yunus, a leader in advanced laparoscopic surgical services, has impressive credentials in this area. He established  Advanced Laparoscopic Surgical Associates (ALSA) and has been its chief executive officer.

After completing his MBBS degree, he took and passed the USMLE in 2001 and started practising medicine in the USA, where he has had enough opportunity to refine his abilities. Then he went on to become a resident in surgery at William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan, USA, where he earned his DABS (Doctor of American Board of Surgery) certification and honed his surgical talents.

Dr Tahir is committed to eradicating the stigma of obesity and helping obese people lead healthy lives again. Therefore, he is an excellent option if you want to lose weight with bariatric surgery. You may trust his surgical services and bariatric team's expertise, which is dedicated to your health and success. In addition, you may shorten the time you spend recuperating from surgery by choosing one of our less invasive procedures.


ALSA Promotes Medical Tourism

Because of recent innovations and technological developments, with the expansion of international commerce, medical tourism may now provide health care services to people in other countries. Now every patient can enjoy healthcare treatments and facilities based on international standards across borders. Following the lead of similar organisations worldwide, Evercare hospital, a chain of American hospitals, has introduced a comprehensive approach named ALSA to address the growing epidemic of obesity. Therefore, if you find bariatric surgery unaffordable in your homeland, you can prefer weight loss surgery overseas, and ALSA Pakistan is the right destination.

Moreover, bariatric surgery for London offers people a chance to make a positive change in their life and choose health over bleakness. Several methods exist for dealing with obesity, all available here. We do more than just cure obesity; we'll be by your side as you work to improve your health by offering high-quality services. We guarantee the most accurate diagnosis and careful pre- and post-operative monitoring.

Exceptional healthcare close to you, empowering you to improve your health!

Therefore, if you need a bariatric surgeon, go no further than Dr Tahir Yunus. He prioritises cost-effectiveness without compromising patient safety. Moreover, he sets the standard for weight loss surgery patients' satisfaction, safety, and options. All laparoscopic medical procedures are performed under board-certified surgical experts' careful watch and care. We hope you will seize the remaining opportunities in your life.

Why Choose ALSA for bariatric surgery?

If you want to lose weight with bariatric surgery, get the most reasonable surgery comparable to the gastric bypass surgery cost in the UK. You can choose ALSA because,


  • It is a patient-centred place to treat obesity in novel ways.
  • You can get advanced bariatric surgery as in London and enjoy the highest possible standard of health overseas.
  • We believe that our patients should have quick access to medical treatment, and our systems should reflect that.
  • Our weight loss surgeon Dr Tahir at ALSA, is a compassionate listener. He carefully listens and thoroughly evaluates the root cause of obesity and suggests better treatment plans.
  • Moreover, remaining on top of advances in our disciplines motivates us to continue our services.
  • Every now and again, we look closely at the community's needs and the services we provide. We patch existing healthcare system holes and actively seek and implement new ones.