Successful Weight loss with
Gastric Bypass Surgery

At ALSA Pakistan, we offer weight loss with gastric bypass, a promising solution to obesity,
especially for people at risk from related morbidities.

Obesity is a serious medical condition related to other morbidities. At ALSA Pakistan, we offer
you a comprehensive solution to obesity. We have a qualified and experienced panel of
psychologists, dietitians, physicians, and surgeons to provide you with a full range of options
to treat your disease. We not only help you treat obesity but escort you along the journey
towards a healthy lifestyle. Obesity is a multi-faceted issue and calls for advanced
technologies for promising treatment. Therefore, ALSA Pakistan aiming for an obesity-free
Pakistan, helps you in weight loss with gastric bypass surgery.

What is Gastric Bypass
Surgery | What Does it Offer?

If you are someone who feels lost just because you could not lose
weight via diet & lifestyle change, and exercise, you need not worry.
There is still an option to avoid all the related morbidities to obesity.
ALSA Pakistan brings you state-of-the-art machinery with
experienced surgeons who help you with weight loss with gastric
bypass surgery.

Gastric bypass surgery or bariatric gastric banding is a surgical
procedure that changes the route of the digestive system. A very
small pouch is created at the upper mouth of the stomach, which is
approximately one ounce or 3ml in volume. This pouch is attached to
the small intestine, where the digestive enzymes and stomach acid
travel down to mix with the food.

How does it Work? | Weight
Loss Mechanism Via Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass helps with weight loss via different mechanisms. Primarily, the small stomach pouch makes you feel fuller with lesser food.
Moreover, the portion of the small intestine which absorbs the calories and nutrients will not be receiving food. Hence, the digestive tract will
absorb much lesser calories.

Weight Loss with Gastric Bypass

Is also attributed to the change in gut hormones. The expression lowers with the surgery—consequently, the lower expression results in
hunger suppression and lesser satiety.

Weight loss with gastric bypass

Am I a Candidate for
Gastric Bypass?

At ALSA Pakistan, we promise you 30% to 40% of excess body fat.
Before any recommendations, our experienced staff conducts a
detailed proper checkup of your body health and severity of
the condition and offers you the best possible options.

Briefly, you may be a candidate for gastric bypass if;

  • You weigh more 100lbs more than your ideal body weight.
  • Your body mass index exceeds 40, and you are suffering from
    related morbidities.
  • Weight loss with gastric bypass is the perfect solution for people
    who fail to achieve their ideal body weight over a sustained time
    period, even with proper diet and medication.

What Should I Expect
From Gastric Bypass Surgery?

At ALSA Pakistan, we provide the best post-operative care.

  • Minimal post-operative medication is prescribed,
    such as mild pain killers.
  • The patient is kept under observation in a stringent
    hygienic environment for not more than 2-3 days. It is
    because minor incisions are made during surgery, and
    the patient experiences very little post-operative pain.
  • For the same reason, the patient can continue his
    routine work within two to four weeks after surgery.
  • Weight loss with gastric bypass surgery is promising
    if you manage the proper diet & exercise plan advised by
    the expert physicians at ALSA Pakistan.