obesity with diet plan

Treatment of obesity with diet plan | Lifestyle change

Obesity does not bring just helplessness and restricted movement, but it weighs you down with many related morbidities. Obese people, especially the people falling on the higher scales of BMI calculator in Pakistan, are prone to various other illnesses such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, sleep apnea, high cholesterol levels. The first and foremost solution that comes to one’s mind is treating obesity with diet plan.Consequently, depending upon the patient’s condition physician would suggest treatment of obesity with medicines or laparoscopic and bariatric surgery. It has been a debate about the impact of lifestyle change on obesity because it does not provide any promising solution to the sufferers, especially the patients suffering from severe obesity.

Obesity treatment with lifestyle change

The primary and conventional solution to obesity treatment is physical activity and weight management. Weight management is further categorized into weight loss & maintenance

Even after the surgery, weight maintenance is significant. Therefore, there are various options to treat and manage obesity with diet plan.

Before we jump into the brief details of each type of diet, it is essential to understand that more than 60% of obese patients suffer from mental health illnesses. Depression & anxiety leads to various eating disorders, which ultimately add to obesity and make the treatment of obesity with diet plan a bit difficult.

Diet options for weight maintenance 

Most weight maintenance diets are unbalance hypocaloric. It means the restriction of one of the macronutrients among proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Following are some examples of obesity treatment with diet plan.

  • High protein/ Low-carbohydrate diets: studies have indicated that high protein and low carbohydrate diets prove beneficial. Higher protein levels decrease the level of fasting triglycerides and free fatty acids.
  • Low-fat diets: reducing dietary fat intake is the most promising type of diet plan. You need to substitute specific products with lower fat content counterparts such as skim milk/whole milk, nonfat yogurt/full fat ice cream, and baked chips/fried chips.
  • High fiber diets: high fiber diets helps the best to deal with obesity with a diet plan by caloric dilution, improving gastric and intestinal motility, reducing hunger, and improving satiety. However, studies prove only the short-term impact of high fiber. Whereas the long-term effect of such a diet plan.
  • Deficient calorie diet: This diet plan serves 800kcal/day or 12kcal/kg of body weight.

Before jumping on to any treatment options, the patient’s condition is analyzed with a BMI calculator in Pakistan. Accordingly, the physicians devise strategies to treat the patient.