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Scientific research reveals the continuously increasing burden of diabetes globally. By 2019, approximately 1.5 million deaths were attributed solely to diabetes. Not only older people but now adults, as well as kids, are suffering from the disease. However, ALSA Pakistan brings you to hope with the best endocrinologist in Lahore, Pakistan. In addition, we have the best experienced medical and paramedical staff to facilitate you with the best services.

What Causes Diabetes?

Typically, the insulin hormone transfers sugar from the blood into the cells for energy usage. Diabetes mellitus mainly refers to a condition where either the body doesn’t make insulin or doesn’t work correctly, causing high sugar levels in the blood.

Diabetes may be of two types; Type 1 and Type 2. It can be due to an autoimmune system reaction and due to insulin resistance, respectively. Whatever the cause is, ALSA Pakistan as the best diabetes specialist in lahore pakistan aims to make it all easy for you. The best endocrinologists in Lahore, Pakistan at ALSA Pakistan not only treat diabetes but also guide you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

What does the best Endocrinologist do?

As far as the disease is related to the malfunction of the pancreas and infectivity of insulin, an endocrinologist addresses the illness. With this, our well-experienced endocrinologists conduct a detailed diagnosis for the related comorbidities.

Diabetes can affect various body organs, such as the functioning of adrenal glands that control stress, blood pressure, and metabolism. Furthermore, the hypothalamus, pancreas, parathyroid, pituitary glands, reproductive thyroid, and bone metabolism like osteoporosis also relate to diabetes. Hence, the best endocrinologist in Lahore, Pakistan, covers all the aspects of the disease and ensures a happy, healthy life for you.

Complications Related to Diabetes

If you are failing at maintaining your blood sugar levels for long, you are at the risk of suffering long-term complications of diabetes. The diabetes-related complications may be life-threatening or disabling. We make the best option for you to treat diabetes because, at ALSA Pakistan, the expert endocrinologist are adept enough to deal with various types of complications.

Some of these complications include cardiovascular diseases such as angina, stroke, narrowing of arteries, heart attack, nephropathy or kidney failure, diabetic retinopathy/ eye damage, hearing loss, foot damage, various skin conditions, depression, etc. risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

When Should you Look for The
Best Endocrinologist in Lahore, Pakistan?

You must always be wary of your body’s health condition and observe if you have the following symptoms;

  • Increased thirst
  • Blurry vision
  • Frequent infections
  • Having frequent sores that heal slower than normal
  • Numbness or tingling in hands or feet
  • Increased hunger
  • Skin conditions such as dry skin
  • Significantly increased urination, especially at night

Notably, the symptoms of type 1 diabetes take only a few weeks or months. However, type 2 diabetes takes years to develop, or there won’t be any symptoms at all. Whatever the symptoms may be, ALSA Pakistan’s best endocrinologist in Lahore offers systematic care for the proper diagnosis, treatment, and awareness about the types of diabetes & associated comorbidities risks.

The best endocrinologist in Lahore Pakistan

Why You Need An Endocrinologist?

No doubt, your general physician can deal with diabetes. However, with time, there have been a lot of complications associated with the disease. You would need to see the best endocrinologist in Lahore, Pakistan, for the following reasons;

1:You suffer from your doctor’s lack of guidance and education about your disease, condition, and risks.
2:Over time, you may develop long-term complications despite the regular checkup and treatment. Indeed, conventional treatment hasn’t been effective. Hence, it is time faor you to rush towards the best doctor in town.
3:Even after receiving the premium treatment and education, your blood sugar levels fluctuate to extremes. It indicates that it is not enough to manage your blood sugar levels.

At ALSA Pakistan, the best endocrinologist in Lahore, Pakistan, offer the best healthcare services with an individualized care experience.

What do we offer?

The experienced and highly qualified staff offer a comprehensive package for patients with diabetes. At ALSA Pakistan, we not only deal with it at the levels of diagnosis and treatment, but we also focus on the management, education about the disease, associated risks, and the related endocrine disorders. Furthermore, we have a multifactorial approach to fulfill our goal ‘health for all’ due to which we consider the following for the sake of your health;

  • Nutritional counseling
  • Psychiatric help
  • Complicated surgeries

Apart from this, ALSA Pakistan, following the motto of health for all, welcomes patients from all around the world. Our medical tourism team and the medical staff ensure an excellent experience for you.