Weight loss with Laparoscopic Roux-Y Gastric Bypass in Pakistan

Weight loss with Laparoscopic Roux-Y Gastric Bypass in Pakistan is the kind of weight loss surgery. Weight loss surgery is a medical procedure and also called bariatric surgery. It’s regularly done as a laparoscopic medical procedure, with little cuts in the midsection of the body.


At ALSA our expert Dr. Tahir Yunus performs Weight loss with Laparoscopic Roux-Y Gastric Bypass in Pakistan with special care and expertise, minimizing the possibility of side effects. Laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass is the type of bariatric surgery that diminishes the size of your upper stomach to a little pocket that is about the size of an egg. The surgeon does this by stapling off the upper segment of the stomach. This diminishes the measure of food you can eat. The specialist at that point connects this pocket legitimately to part of the small digestive system called the Roux appendage. These structures have a “Y” shape. The food you eat then bypasses the remainder of the stomach and the upper piece of your small digestive tract. This outrules the process to absorb and retain the calories and fats from the food you eat. It likewise lessens the measure of nutrients and minerals you retain from food.

Laparoscopic Roux-Y Gastric Bypass Benefits | Bariatric surgery

Gastric bypass, a weight loss surgery, is utilized to treat serious obesity and helps in weight loss. This bariatric surgery is recommended for individuals who have attempted other weight loss strategies without long follow up achievement. Our primary care surgeon or physician at ALSA may implement gastric bypass, weight loss surgery on the off chance that you are seriously fat with a weight list (BMI) more than 40. Your primary care surgeon may likewise prompt it on the off chance that you have a BMI somewhere in between the range of 35 and 40 and a wellbeing condition, for example, sleep apnea, hypertension, heart disease or type 2 diabetes, and the experts at AlSA will take care of that.

Gastric bypass weight loss surgery can enable an individual to shed around 100 pounds of overweight. This bariatric surgery might likewise turn around type 2 diabetes and stop indigestion and reflux. Weight loss surgery and medical procedures can also bring down the hazard for hypertension, sleep apnea, and specific heart issues.

What happens during Roux-en-Y gastric bypass weight loss surgery?

The weight loss surgery or bariatric surgery generally takes a few hours:

  • You will have general sedation for your weight loss surgery. Our specialist may utilize laparoscopy. The person will make a few little (cuts) in your mid-region. Our specialist at ALSA will, at that point, embed a laparoscope and put little medical procedure apparatuses into these cuts, and all this is performed with much care.
  • Our surgeon will utilize a laparoscopic stapler to make a little stomach pocket with the top piece of your stomach.
  • The person in question at that point utilizes the stapler to isolate the top piece of your small digestive system into a cylinder with a tube with two ends.
  • One end of the small digestive system (the Roux appendage) is raised to the stomach pocket, and a little association (anastomosis) is made between them. The opposite finish of the small digestive system is then associated with another piece of the small digestive system.
  • Then our surgeons at ALSA might test for leaks for endoscopy or a dye study.

Frequently Asked Questions

Obesity is a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases, immune disorders, inflammatory conditions, and even cancer. It also makes a person prone to different infections such as skin infections and urinary tract infections. Obesity also leads to bad outcomes with viral infections such as coronavirus pandemic.

Full recovery from this surgery will take around 2-4 weeks.

It will take around 1 to 2 hours to perform this surgery.

Obesity can be inherited by some jeans however genetic causes only Contribute to 40% of obesity whereas environment plays a major role.