Take charge of your life and control obesity with
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Obesity has taken over the world, and people feel helpless in the face of it. Not anymore! ALSA diet plan introduces you to an incredible nutritional world with endless possibilities. We help you lose weight without losing your mind. We believe it is everyone’s basic right to be able to live a life of health and wellness, so we use innovative nutrition and dietetics techniques to devise a completely customized ALSA diet plan which is absolutely tailored according to your priorities. Our aim is to make nutrition simple and help you live a life of nourishment under the guidance of best nutritionist in Lahore.

Understand everything about
your obesity by consulting the best
nutritionist in Lahore

At ALSA Pakistan, our healthcare professionals consider the multi-dimensional nature of obesity and recommend the most suitable treatment after careful consideration of all the factors. We help you to create long-term sustainable changes and empower you to understand the impact of lifestyle and food on your physical, emotional, and mental health.

  • We perform tests to identify any underlying cause of your obesity.
  • We check your family history for obesity.
  • We take into account your motivation level.
  • We perform psychological testing to recognize bad eating habits and triggers.
best nutritionist in Lahore

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In the diverse nutritional world of ALSA Pakistan, we use a variety of different diet plans to come up with the most appropriate, relevant, and convenient diet for you. We tailor your diet plan according to you by using a combination of different diet plans that is tailored according to your unique preferences, lifestyle, taste, and nutritional needs. ALSA diet plan comprises of various diet plans including;

1 The low-fat Diet

ALSA Pakistan’s competent nutrition and dietetics experts prepare a customized low-fat diet plan according to your needs and priorities appropriate for your health condition and BMI.

2 High protein diet

Protein is very important for good health, and your body needs a daily intake of proteins. Increasing your protein consumption can have dramatic effects on metabolic rate, appetite and weight, and body composition.

3 A low carbohydarate diet

Is a very common strategy to lose weight. Many approaches are available to develop and maintain a low-carb diet. At ALSA Pakistan, we use your priorities as guidance to create the most suitable and effective plan for you.

4 The Keto diet

Comprises a low-fat, high protein diet to help you lose weight and improve your health. Keto diet is very helpful against many diseases, including epilepsy, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, etc.

5 Intermittent fasting

Reduces your calorie intake by restricting the time in which you are allowed to eat. It is a dietary strategy that comprises periods of eating and fasting.

6 Intermittent fasting

Mainly consists of fruits, vegetables, fish, lean meats, seeds, and nuts, and it limits the intake of certain foods, including grains, legumes, dairy products, etc.

Get a customized ALSA diet plan and nutritional supplements by the best nutritionist in Lahore; whether you have a diet-related health concern such as diabetes PCOS, or you are interested in losing weight, or simply you would like to start eating healthier, we can provide you with a tailored nutritional plan.