Treatment of Obesity with Medicines

At ALSA Pakistan, our physicians offer thae best suitable treatment of obesity with medicines. Our weight
loss success stories make our mark.

ALSA Pakistan aims to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle and provides you a comprehensible solution for
obesity. We offer you the best quality services covering all the facets of weight loss treatment step by step.
We make it possible with our highly qualified and well-experienced panel of health professionals and
physicians. Obesity patients who fail to achieve their target weights even after psychotherapy for weight
loss, a proper diet plan, and exhibit the symptoms of at least one related comorbidity are further
subjected to the treatment of obesity with medicines.

Medicine treatment for weight loss is not for all!

Weight and medications have a complex connection. Some medicines result in weight loss as a side effect, some drugs reduce your hunger, and some medications make you feel fuller, etc. As obesity has various other health complications side by side, not every obese patient can be
treated with medicines, and not every drug is suitable for each patient. Therefore, the experienced health professional at ALSA Pakistan conducts a detailed diagnosis concerning the treatment of obesity with medicine. Hence, prior to pharmacotherapy for weight loss, we ensure
that medication would be a suitable option for treating the disease. Diagnosis mainly includes:

  • Age, health condition, medical treatment, and physical abilities
  • Details regarding tolerance of procedures and therapies and
    allergies to medicines
  • The patient’s expectation of the treatment
  • History of weight loss treatment
  • The extent of weight to lose
  • Last but not least, patient’s preferences and opinions

We Choose The Best For You!

It is only five years ago when FDA has approved medicines specific
for weight loss. Obese patients recommended for treatment of
obesity with medicines often suffer from other diseases as well.
Hence, ALSA Pakistan physicians carefully chose the type of
medication you should use. There is a variety of drugs approved by
the FDA, such as:

  • Commonly used medicines cause weight loss as a side effect,
    such as drugs used for type 2 diabetes mellitus and
    cardiovascular diseases.
  • Drugs for which weight loss is not a primary motive but is
    desired as a co-effect. Consequently, weight loss helps in
    achieving the primary targets.
  • Drugs that restrict fat absorption from your food by 30%.
  • Drugs/supplements that make you feel fuller.
Treatment of Obesity with medicines

Treatment of Obesity with Medicines

Is the most challenging for a patient having multiple ailments. However, our well-experienced physician has all the expertise to facilitate you
with the best weight loss solution according to your condition.

ALSA Pakistan does not believe in any last options!

Pharmacotherapy is not the cornerstone. However, it aids the treatment to a greater extent, and we know how to benefit from it. After a careful diagnosis, our professionals work out to bring up the best combination of treatment therapies and treatment of obesity
with medicines that aids the process significantly.