ALSA Diet Plan vs. Keto Diet Plan An Approach to Lose Weight

ALSA Pakistan has been serving obese patients for 13 years now. Our expert and well-experienced professionals have devised some of the best strategies to deal with obesity. We acknowledge the havoc obesity has been playing with humankind. Hence, we have brought the complete package of weight loss programs, including a better ALSA diet plan vs. keto diet plan. The general paradigm of obesity treatment includes the following steps.

  • Diagnosis
  • Psychotherapy
  • Laparoscopic and bariatric surgery
  • Consultation
  • ALSA Diet plan and exercise routine
  • Weight Loss Experties

Before planning any strategy for your weight loss, the weight-loss experts at ALSA Pakistan conduct a detailed diagnosis to check the severity of the disease with a BMI calculator. Furthermore, obesity increases the risk of other conditions. Hence, we diagnose the patient for any obesity-related illness such as cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes, stroke, osteoarthritis, etc. Consequently, we devise a proper strategy according to the patient’s medical condition and severity of obesity.

A diet plan and exercise routine is an effective solution to obesity and the first go-to approach to shed off the extra weight. People go for a keto diet plan to lose weight in a country like Pakistan, where self-medication is the new normal. There are some other options for weight loss with diet as well described as follows.

1 Intermittent Fasting

This method limits the calorie intake to 8 hours every day, restricting your daily calorie intake to only 500-600 calories twice a week, the 5:2 practice. Undoubtedly, the method has proven to be highly efficient in losing weight. However, the ALSA diet plan vs. keto diet plan is always the best option to avoid severe nutrient deficiency, leading to complications for patients suffering from other morbidities.

2 Plant-Based Diets

Also known as veganism, this diet plan restricts most of the meat, poultry, and fish. Such a diet plan reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. However, at the same time, it may lead to the deficiency of vitamin B12, vitamin D, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, and iron. We have brought you the ALSA diet plan vs. keto diet plan to avoid such uncalculated nutrient deficiencies.

3 Low carb diets

Low carb diets limit the intake of carbohydrates ranging from 10% to 30%. The diet plan may help you lose stubborn belly fat. However, just like the other diet plans, the low-car diet plan may disturb your LDL levels and lead to morbidities.

4 The Paleo Diet

Based on the assumption that modern diseases are due to the western diet, the paleo diet limits the consumption of processed foods, grains, dairy, and sugar. However, some diet plans may allow cheese-like dairy products.

The Mediterranean Diet

However, according to the experts, every patient has their body mechanism and medical needs. Hence, we have brought you a customized ALSA diet plan vs. a keto diet plan.

Undoubtedly, the keto diet is the most popular diet plan for obesity. However, patients suffering from obesity-related morbidities need a proper diet plan that complements the patient’s medical needs. A Keto diet plan consists of only 5% carbs, 20% protein, and 75% fat which may leave you nutrient deficient. In turn, the condition may worsen the morbidities, upset the stomach, or there may be any sorts of complications. Hence, we devise the best ALSA diet plan vs. keto diet plan.

ALSA Diet plan

ALSA Diet Plan vs. Keto Diet Plan

This is the era of customized products where everyone seeks modern solutions to modern problems, and here is ALSA Pakistan with the best approach for weight loss. We have an extensive team of weight loss professionals. ALSA Pakistan team does not only treat obesity but guides you through the whole journey back to your healthy life. Studying our patient’s obesity and medical condition for the best suitable strategy for weight loss is our prime goal. Hence, after a careful examination, the patient is subjected to top-notch professionals for psychotherapy to help you follow the ALSA Pakistan diet plan vs. keto plan. In the end, we ensure the most-awaited and happy come back at your life.

So, if you are obese and your BMI exceeds 40, you need not worry. ALSA Pakistan is your light of hope for a healthy, happy life ahead. We have various options for you to lose weight, improve your morbidities and enjoy your life fully.