Medical Tourism Cost

Alsa pakistan offers cost effective health care services for complete patient compliance and satisfaction. Complying with international gold standards of effectiveness, safety with improved patients’ quality of life, Alsa pakistan has brought a simple one-step solution for the cost of medical tourism i-e  up to 8.5 Lacs (PKR) approx. (without the cost of traveling) 

This package covers:

  • Cost of complete surgical procedure.
  • Patient pick-up and drop from airport.
  • Patient hotel stay (as pre-decided by ALSA)

We Share It All

The latest technologies and advancements have connected us all. International trade horizons have reached the seams of medical tourism to ensure health care services available beyond the borders. However, one of the major concerns for weight management treatment is medical tourism cost. Complying with the international trends, ALSA Pakistan has brought a one-stop solution to obesity.

However, ALSA Pakistan has brought the perfect opportunity for you to choose a healthy lifestyle over helplessness. We offer you a range of different obesity treatement options. Not only do we treat obesity, but we escort you at every step of your journey towards well-being. We promise the best diagnosis, stringent pre and post-operative care.

Above all, ALSA Pakistan medical tourism offers its clients an option to enjoy their weight management treatment time.

ALSA Pakistan Obesity Treatment Services – A Win-Win Situation.

The one-stop solution to obesity not only functions with a multidimensional approach but has brought the best option to treat obesity. Our proficient staff of physicians & health care professionals diagnoses and treat obesity at four different levels depending upon your condition. Whether you need a mere lifestyle change, psychotherapy, medical treatment, or physical surgery, ALSA Pakistan is the place. We not only promise the provision of services, but we ensure advanced technological solutions. 

After a detailed discussion with your physician about your condition, you can also opt to utilize your leisure time during diagnosis or treatment. Our complete package of medical tourism comprehends all the charges, including the direct costs, travel and commute costs, accommodation, and leisure time activities costs. All the facilities in one place bring the medical tourism cost to minimal levels. 

We at ALSA Pakistan promise to provide top-notch bariatric and laparoscopy solutions at pocket-friendly costs. Hence, our treatment costs are generally four times less expensive than the other countries like the UK and the USA. It casts a major impact on the total medical tourism costs. Further, the comfy and best suitable services from our tourism partners make it extremely economical for you to enjoy your health and time.

Treatment with Leisure

Because ALSA Pakistan weighs light on your pocket!

Obesity treatment, the bariatric & laparoscopy spans a time frame of about 2 weeks which may vary from 1 – to 2 weeks depending upon the treatment. It may get very tiring to stay at the hospital and stare at the hospital wall for so long. Hence, we urge you to utilize your leisure to freshen up yourself. No doubt, fresh minds assure a speedy recovery.

Therefore, we choose the best comfy location for your
accommodation, complying with your plan to stay in the host country. Pakistan is a culture-rich home to many adventure sites. As far as our medical and physical treatments are very less invasive, we make it an out-of-the-box experience for you.

Furthermore, ALSA Pakistan medical tourism makes the experience even better for you at minimal medical tourism costs because we facilitate you with the best leisure time options.

  • Commute and accommodation services
  • Guided tours to historical sights
  • Car or short walking
  • Water tours
  • Reservation at restaurants
  • Theatre bookings or opera
medical tourism cost