Scientific Reports Indicate That the Prevalence
of Asthma has Been Increasing At a Rapid Pace, just as obesity

Currently, approximately 339 million people have asthma all around the globe. Researchers have established a strong link between asthma and weight loss, such as obese patients are at higher risk of asthma. Obese asthma patients exhibit more vivid, frequent symptoms and exacerbations. Furthermore, asthma medications show a reduced response for asthma treatment in obese patients.

How is asthma related to obesity?

Obesity is a potential risk factor and a disease modifier. Following are some of the risk
factors and causes of respiratory diseases.


According to the American Lung Association, excessive bodyweight around the chest and abdomen areas causes difficulty in breathing.


Obesity triggers cardiometabolic risk factors such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and metabolic dysfunction, contributing to the severity of asthma.


The adipose tissue accumulated from obesity releases increased release of pro-inflammatory mediators such as IL-6, whereas the anti-inflammatory cytokines are lower than needed. Consequently, elevated levels of IL-6 lead to poor treatment of asthma. Altered adaptive and innate immune system responses due to obesity lead to asthma airway inflammation.


Diet also plays a significant role in the causes of asthma. A diet having lots of high saturated fatty acid may cause elevated acute airway inflammation. Lack of micronutrients such as vitamin D may also make one of the significant causes of respiratory disease.

Hence, asthma treatment in obese patients has been a challenge but not anymore with ALSA Pakistan because we have aimed at helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Asthma and weight loss surgery

Obesity plays a significant role as a risk factor and worsens the symptoms of asthma. Conversely, Asthma and weight loss with bariatric surgery depict an excellent treatment approach. It helps in improving the responsiveness of airways, lung volumes, reduced small airway resistance, systemic inflammation markers, and the need for asthma medications.

What is the Cure for Asthma?

Unfortunately, despite the medical and technological advancements, there hasn’t been any absolute cure for asthma—however, some practical approaches for chronic lower respiratory diseases treatment, such as the following.

1 Inhalers

Asthmatic patients have often prescribed inhalers mainly of three types; relievers, preventers, and combination inhalers.

2 Medicine

If an inhaler does not prove to be efficient in relieving the symptoms of asthma, the patient is often prescribed medication which may be tablets, syrup, or powder form.

3 Injections

Patients with severe asthma are subjected to biological therapies such as injections for asthma. However, such asthma medications are not suitable for every asthma patient.

4 Weight loss surgery

Obesity is known among the significant causes of asthma. Consequently, the potential benefits of weight loss surgery as the ultimate cure for asthma have been recognized by medical researchers and practitioners. Therefore, bariatric surgery is the new long-lasting approach for asthma treatment in obese patients.

What does ALSA Pakistan offer?

Hence, the well-qualified and experienced laparoscopic and bariatric surgeon, Dr. Tahir Yunus, now offers a variety of bariatric surgery options just according to your medical condition and preferences. Our weight loss experts conduct a keen diagnosis for obesity, related medical conditions, and chronic lower respiratory diseases treatment. Then, depending upon the patient’s medical condition, the health professionals devise a detailed plan for your journey towards a healthy life. A plan is mostly a multi-step approach which may include the following.

  • Counseling, breathing exercises, and manual therapies.
  • The treatment of asthma and weight loss diet goes hand in hand.
  • Pharmacotherapy
  • Laparoscopic and bariatric surgery
Asthma Treatment in Obese Patients

Bariatric Surgery Options for Asthma

Asthma and weight loss surgery are now a subject of mainstream interest. Therefore, we offer the obese asthmatic patient the following laparoscopic weight loss surgery options.


Roux Y bypass: During surgery, the surgeon reduces the stomach size by stapling the lower portion of the stomach. It reduces the stomach capacity and limits the release of the hunger-causing hormone. Further, the surgeon reroutes the functional part of the stomach and connects it to the roux appendage of the small intestine skipping the portion of the digestive system to limit the absorption of nutrients.


Gastric Bypass: This procedure is another go-to option for asthma treatment in obese patients. The surgeon removes 90% of the stomach, which leaves the functional portion of the stomach smaller than in the Roux-Y surgery. However, the surgeon reconnects the remaining stomach with the jejunum of the small intestine.


Sleeve gastrectomy: This procedure does not include any rerouting. Instead, the surgeon only reduces the stomach size by 70-85 percent, which leaves a banana-shaped stomach to be functional.

ALSA Pakistan not only takes pride in its highly qualified and skilled medical and paramedical staff for the treatment of asthma and weight loss surgery. Instead, we also maintain our healthcare practices for asthma treatment in obese patients according to international standards. So, join hands with us and say hello to a better healthy life.