Treatment with medicines

Weight loss treatment with medicines | A way to a healthy life

We recognize obesity as a contagious disease. However, no promising solution has been proposed yet. The main reason is that various factors cause the disease. Furthermore, obesity is not only about the BMI exceeding the normal range. Instead, it is related to numerous other comorbidities such as blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, high blood cholesterol levels, etc. hence why obesity is treated at different levels.

Such as treatment with medicines, diet, exercise, lifestyle change, and an ultimate solution to obesity might be laparoscopic and bariatric surgery for weight loss.

Here in this article, we shall be discussing the treatment of obesity with medicines and answer some of the most asked questions about weight loss medication.

Mode of action of the weight-loss medicines

Just as obesity is multifactorial, the weight loss medications also follow different modes of action. Some medicines work to make you feel less hungry or help you feel fuller with a lesser food intake. Furthermore, some medications interfere with the absorption of fat from the food.

Who is the suitable candidate for obesity treatment with medicines?

Due to its multifactorial nature, a detailed diagnosis for obesity is a must. First and foremost, the patient weight is analyzed with the BMI calculator. It gives an estimation of today’s body fat. The condition is considered severe if one weighs 30 or is suffering from one or more related comorbidity. The prescription of treatment of obesity with medicines depends upon the following factors.

  • Current health condition
  • Proposed medical outcomes
  • Medical history of the family
  • Costs
  • Possible adverse effects of the medication

Is medicine a replacement for physical activity?

The first go-to solution for weight loss is a healthy diet and exercise daily routine life. However, during current busy and monotonous life routines, one may not find enough time to exercise. In such situations, one may find solace in medicines only. However, studies have reported that the treatment with medicines is the best effect when combined with the improved life routine.

Medicines for obesity

Following the declaration of obesity as a disease, the medical and the research world have significantly contributed to the development in diagnosis and treatment of the disease. If your prescribed medicines fail to lose 5% of your total body fat in 12 weeks, your physician will change your medications. Some weight-loss medicines include orlistat, lorcaserin, Phenterminetopiramate, naltrexone bupropion, liraglutide, benzphetamine, diethylpropion, phentermine, and phendimetrazine. If the prescribed medication fails to prove efficient enough, even in combination with physical activity and eating routine, your physician will change your treatment with medicines.