Recovery Time after Bariatric surgery

Duration of Bariatric Surgery

Before we explain how long recovery time after bariatric surgery takes, let us tell you Bariatric surgery usually takes 1 to 2 hours to perform. Surgery is done laparoscopically using small holes and a camera is inserted through that and the rest of the surgery is done after looking at the organs on a monitor. The pain in bariatric surgery is also quite less as compared to open surgery.

Hospital Stay after Bariatric Surgery

Recovery Time after Bariatric surgery includes Hospital stay after bariatric surgery which is usually 1 to 2 nights. Most people can even go back to their work after 14 days of surgery. So people recover quickly from bariatric surgery. Unlike open surgery bariatric surgery doesn’t hinder your daily activities majorly and you can get back to life immediately. The best part is that bariatric surgery involves very less scarring as compared to open surgery. Surgery openings are small and heal quickly throughout the maximum of 2 weeks.

Diet to follow after Surgery

As bariatric surgery involves cutting and connecting parts of the digestive system, therefore you will be on a special diet over six weeks almost. During these six weeks, your diet will be progressed from liquid food to semi-solid food and then eventually, you can start taking solid food. Recovery from Bariatric surgery is rapid and very less painful as compared to the open surgery.

Walking and carrying
out activities after surgery

You can walk on your own feet after the surgery. Walking and little businesses increase circulation and will help to speed up recovery. The first night after the surgery, with the help of your nurse or physical therapist, try to walk at least three times and perform your leg exercises and breathing exercises regularly. You will not feel well doing that but you have to do that for speeding up your recovery. You will have to follow breathing exercises as these exercises keep your lungs properly expand. It is essential that after the surgery you stay physically active. While the dressings on the wound will remain there for seven days. If there will be any infection, you should right away see your doctor. You need to walk at a speed that will make you slightly short of breath and somewhat sweaty. Being socially active is also vital for wellbeing. You can even start swimming once your surgeon is sure that your wounds have healed totally. These exercises will also help to maintain weight loss.

Recovery Time after Bariatric surgery

Proper Healing time

Usually, many patients heal properly after 2-3 weeks, while some can take long as six weeks, but that’s the maximum time. After that, the patient recovers from bariatric surgery fully.