Bariatric surgery

Recovery period after getting the weight loss surgery

“How long is the recovery after bariatric surgery?” is a commonly asked question by people thinking of going through a weight loss procedure. The road of recovery is different for each person because everyone is unique, and they heal differently. Therefore, there is no exact answer for this question; however, there is a calculated average estimated recovery period. Eventually, everyone adjusts to their new lifestyle in their own time.

Bariatric surgery

Waking up in the recovery room after bariatric surgery

When patients wake up after their surgery, they are in the recovery room, where they usually spend 2-3 hours until their breathing is normal and all the vital signs are stable. After that, the patient is taken to their hospital room and kept under observation. Slight discomfort and pain are normally seen, for which pain medications are given to manage the pain and tenderness.

Wound care after bariatric surgery

Good wound care is critically important to reduce the chances of infection after any surgical procedure. Fortunately, the small incisions of laparoscopic procedures have decreased the incidence of infection significantly. Nonetheless, proper steps should be taken for a quick and swift recovery.

  • Keep it clean. Always wash your hands before touching the wound or anything around it.
  • Keep it dry. Keeping the wound clean and dry is helpful in quick healing and reduce scarring.
  • Do not use any creams or ointments. Some redness, swelling, or clear discharge is completely normal and does not need to be treated. However, if there is foul discharge, significant swelling, and the wound is getting redder, then medical help should be sought.
  • No smoking. Smoking causes poor healing, increased scarring, and slows down the curing process as it lowers the levels of oxygen delivered to the wound.
Bariatric surgery

Going home after bariatric surgery

Most people are ready to go home the evening of the day after their surgery. Patients are discharged as soon as they are self-sufficient; even so, the duration of staying in the hospital depends upon what type of surgery is done. Recovery is quick after laparoscopic procedures because it is minimally invasive and the cuts are small, and a hospital stay of approximately 1-2 days is required. Most people can get back to normal activities after three to six weeks. A hospital stay of 5-7 days is needed in case of an open gastric bypass.

Lifelong commitment

Bariatric surgery, like any other life-altering surgery, requires a lifelong commitment and dedication. This is procedure works as a physical tool to assist with weight loss, and the patient should be wholeheartedly devoted to making the mental and emotional changes essential for weight loss and maintenance. Lack of exercise, constant grazing, poorly balanced meals, eating processed carbohydrates, and consuming carbohydrates are common causes of