Reasonable cost of bariatric surgery

Reasonable cost of bariatric surgery

Reasonable cost of Bariatric surgery in Pakistan

Bariatric surgery needs to be done by an expert surgeon as it needs certain expertise for its execution. So the person who wants to go through the procedure should never compromise for the safety of his/ her health. In Pakistan, the reasonable cost of bariatric surgery is the reason that many people are actually considering it, other than just getting convinced because of its health benefits. It helps to maintain ideal BMI of the person.

Cost for different Bariatric surgery Procedures

Generally, the cost of different bariatric surgery procedures is from 3.5-5 lac rupees. Cost for bariatric surgery also majorly depends upon the institution and the equipment being used for the surgery. Usually, a major portion of the fee charged for the surgery goes for buying the staplers used in constricting the stomach during the surgery. Alone the equipment for the surgery costs around 2.5 lac. Laparoscopic staplers are now used for the surgery that helps in carrying out the surgery with minor incisions.

Reasonable cost for Sleeve gastrectomy

Reasonable cost of bariatric surgery is making an increase in its demand and since bariatric surgery has different types, so talking about the cost of its types is important too. Sleeve gastrectomy is the type of bariatric surgery that costs around 4.5 lac, and the reason for this also includes the hospital staying charges, equipment and also the surgeon’s services. Other than that the reasonable cost of bariatric surgery procedure also includes operating room c, anesthesia and other hospital services charges.

Reasonable cost for Gastric bypass

Gastric bypass is another type of bariatric surgery and that costs around 5.5 lac. The charges for the surgery includes hospital stay, anesthesia and laparoscopic equipment. It is believed that the gastric bypass is a very effective and promising bariatric surgery for the long term weight loss.  Reasonable cost of bariatric surgery is attracting many people for considering this.

Advantages of Bariatric surgery

Bariatric surgery has many benefits like it can protect you from several comorbid metabolic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and hypercholesterimia.  Bariatric surgery can also help to treat infertility issues and obstructive sleep apnea.

Bariatric surgery procedures can help to keep the person in an ideal BMI. It is important to follow a diet plan and also exercise after the surgery is done so that the weight loss can be maintained in the long run. Bariatric surgery has the least amount of risks and complications, which is another reason to consider it for getting rid of excess weight.