Best Weight Loss Hospital in Lahore Pakistan

With the aim of health for all, ALSA Pakistan has established a state-of-the-art facility to address the spiking obesity in the Pakistani population. We have opened our doors for everyone who seeks a solution for severe obesity, not only from Pakistan but all over the world. Owing to the multifaceted nature of the disease, we offer our candidates a multi-step approach program to combat the disease and way back to life. Our program mainly includes diet control, exercise routine, mental health guidance, pharmacotherapy, and access to the most advanced weight-loss surgeries. As a result, we are maintaining a successful history of more than 3000 surgeries. In addition, Dr.Tahir Yunus has founded the best weight loss hospital in Lahore, Pakistan.

A Tailored Approach for Weight Loss

ALSA Pakistan has a number of the best laparoscopic bariatric and weight loss surgeons on board and mental physicians. In collaboration with each other, the whole team of ALSA Pakistan addresses obesity, especially severe obesity, and the related morbidities. These morbidities include diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, sleep apnea, and joints pain. We follow a multi-step approach to help you lose weight and get back to a healthy everyday life for such a long-term impact. Following is our system to deal with obesity.

1 Obesity Control with Diet lan

For a detailed diagnosis, the surgeons use a BMI calculator to have an idea of the patient’s condition. After the complete diagnosis, the patient is subjected to weight loss with the diet plan to get the maximum treatment. However, at the best hospital in Lahore, Pakistan, the physicians choose the diet plan according to the physical condition and the related morbidities of the candidate.

2 Mental Health Counseling

Our weight loss experts are well aware that obesity is related to various mental health issues, and it may be due to some mental disorders. Hence, we have onboard some well-renowned mental health experts who can help you motivate through your struggle to lose weight. Therefore, you may efficiently deal with the mental health disorder with weight loss.

3 Lifestyle Change and Exercise

No doubt, diet and lifestyle change have always been the best approach to getting rid of excess weight. However, our health experts take into account your mental health condition. Hence, they advise the best strategies to overcome weight loss and achieve your weight goals. In a patient-centered atmosphere, our health experts at the best weight loss hospital in Lahore, Pakistan, facilitate the weight loss candidates with comprehensive nutritional and dietary guidance, meal plans, and exercise routine according to the candidate’s medical condition.

Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgery

Under the kind and expert supervision of Dr. Tahir Yunus at ALSA Pakistan, we offer the best and advanced surgeries available. Following are the best options that we provide to our clients for promised weight loss.

Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy

Sleeve gastrectomy or vertical sleeve gastrectomy is about decreasing the size of the stomach. Ultimately, it helps in weight loss by restricting food intake. In addition, reducing the size of the abdomen gives causes satiety. Furthermore, it excludes the part of the stomach that produces the hormone which is responsible for hunger.

Laparoscopic Roux-Y gastric bypass

During the procedure, the laparoscopic surgeon at the best weight loss hospital in Lahore, Pakistan, along with resizing the stomach to the size of an egg and re-routes it and connects to a portion of the small intestine. Hence, the food intake is restricted, and the nutrient absorption to lose weight.

Laparoscopic gastric bypass

Mini gastric bypass is also about restricting the stomach size, but the cut-out portion is lesser than the gastric bypass surgery. It is the size of a banana. Therefore, along with the weight loss, it keeps the patient from bile reflux.

The best weight loss hospital

Medical Tourism at The Best
Weight Loss Hospital in Lahore, Pakistan

Alsa Pakistan welcomes international patients as its policy to boost medical tourism worldwide. Hence, we open our doors for all obese patients from all over the world. In collaboration with your physicians, our team plans the best suitable package right according to your needs and preferences. From your accommodation, travel & commute, and leisure activities, we take care of everything you would ever need to get to a better healthy life.

So, if you are struggling with their weight and wish to deal with your comorbidities in a better and promising way, ALSA Pakistan, the best weight loss hospital in Lahore, Pakistan, is your destination.