Evercare Hospital Lahore is part of an international chain of hospitals. It offers the international standards and best clinical practises of international hospitals.
It is a 270 bed, multi-specialty facility, equipped with state of the art diagnostic and treatment facilities. All of our services are in complete adherence to the JCI standards. We strive to take healthcare to a level of compassion not seen before in Pakistan, as we believe the heart of a hospital does not just comprise of state of the art equipment, but a very strong human component as well. Evercare is introducing an economical, but superior, healthcare and world-class infrastructure never seen before in Pakistan.
The hospital is designed to offer patients the most innovative and advanced treatments and technologies through highly qualified and experienced doctors, specialty trained nurses, staff and expert hands to oversee the whole process in a healthy, safe and compassionate environment.
The hospital maintains high level of commitment to quality and standards. We use disposable bed sheets in patient rooms and disposable patient drapes in surgery. The hospital is very clean, has a strong infection control team and does not use disinfectants like cidex or formalin for sterilization, as this does not sterilize equipment and leaves infective material on the equipment. All surgical equipment is sterilized with the highest standards of care. We use dispose single-use equipment after first usage.

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Evercare Hospital Lahore
D1 Commercial Area, NECHS Society, Lahore, Pakistan.