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Medical Weight Loss

ALSA Pakistan Medical Weight loss Lahore. A number of new medications are now available for the treatment of obesity this includes orlistat, phentermine, bupropion, topiramate and liraglutide. Some of these are available in Pakistan while others are not. These medications are prescribed after a detailed medical assessment to make sure that they will not cause any side effects to the patient. Our medical expert will help you make that decision.

AlSA Pakistan also provide good healthy Nutrition diets guidelines for Obesity and weight issues. A good healthy diet is important for our health and can help us feel our best. No single food contains all the essential nutrients body needs to stay active. To have all the nutrients you need to have a combination of variety of foods in right portions, in order to maintain healthy body weight and stay active. To better learn about healthy diets, check our resource center for a detailed blog on healthy eating habits and weight loss information.

Setting expectations with realistic targets

Obesity and weight issues are linked with health problems that affect nearly every part of the body, including the brain and mental wellness. Many of these risk factors with a combination of diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes, but the first step in treating obesity is managing your expectations. A transition to a healthier lifestyle takes time, effort, and commitment. You may not see results right away. You will also likely go through periods where you don’t lose weight even though you are doing everything right.

Losing weight is about getting healthy and not about the number on the scale. Avoid putting pressure on yourself to set and then try to achieve unreasonable expectations. Set your goals based on what you feel most comfortable with. A successful treatment based on a good assessment to finding out the root cause. Obesity or weight issues usually have following reasons:

  • Food
  • Stress/ Eating Disorders
  • Hormonal or health issues
  • Physical inactivity
Medical Weight loss