A hernia is a defect in the muscle wall of the abdomen that leads to the contents of the abdomen to push through the defect and look like a bulge on the abdomen. These defects may occur as a result of a weakness in the groin area especially in males called an inguinal hernia or may occur in the umbilicus called an umbilical hernia. Sometimes these occur as a result of previous open surgeries that did not heal well and left a defect in the muscle wall of the abdomen. Hernias have a risk of intestines getting trapped that can lead to intestinal blockage or even gangrene.

Conventional open surgery repair of hernias has a significant chance of infections after the surgery which may cause the hernia to come back. We offer advanced laparoscopic techniques whereby we are able to separate the components of the abdominal wall and place a mesh between the muscle layers to close the defect and strengthen the abdominal wall. As the surgery is done using small holes, the chances of bacteria entering the wounds is much less than open surgery. Furthermore, there is lesser pain, earlier recovery and better long-term results.

The surgeries usually take 1-2 hours and hospital stay is 1-2 days depending on the type and size of hernia repaired.