Cost of Bariatric Surgery in Pakistan

General Cost of Bariatric Surgery in Pakistan

Bariatric surgery is not a complicated surgery but it is major surgery and you definitely need to choose an expert surgeon for performing this on you. When you opt for bariatric surgery you don’t need to worry about the price as the significance of the best services matters a lot.Generally, the cost of bariatric surgery in Pakistan varies between 3.5-5 lac rupees. The cost depends upon the institution and the equipment. Most of the cost of bariatric surgery in Pakistan goes towards disposable staplers that are used for such complex surgeries in restricting the stomach. A laparoscopic stapler is used in cutting and connecting parts of the stomach and intestine. These devices are manufactured internationally and their cost also depends on the currency exchange values. Other disposable specialized laparoscopic equipment and medications further add to the cost of the consumables.
All equipment cost around 2.5 lac alone. The remaining cost is of the operating room, anesthesia, and hospital facilities and stay.

Cost of Sleeve Gastrectomy

Above we talked about the general cost of bariatric surgery in Pakistan. But when we talk specifically about sleeve gastrectomy. It costs around 4.5 lac and this includes the hospital stay charges and also equipment charges.
At ALSA, we take special care of our patients and additional costs of operating room, anesthesia and hospital facilities are minimized to the extent we can for our patients to accommodate them in the best possible way.

Cost of Gastric Bypass

The cost of Gastric bypass in Pakistan is around 5.5 lac. This cost includes hospitals, specialized laparoscopic equipment, and anesthesia. Additional costs can occur on the basis of the type of room you select for your stay at the hospital. Gastric bypass is believed to be the most reliable procedure for long term weight loss.

Insurance policy at ALSA

At ALSA, these procedures are approved services under different insurance companies affiliated with us so your bariatric surgery will be made much easier now financially as the Insurance panel will cover the charges for it.

Discounted Cost of Bariatric Surgery in Pakistan

ALSA takes care of his patients a lot and for that, we have devised ways for your convenience. For special circumstances, you can talk with the admission office of ALSA to get the details about discounted prices for deserving individuals.