diet after bariatric surgery

Why should I add fibers to my diet after bariatric surgery?

The treatment of obesity is just as complex as obesity is. Only a detailed diagnosis and continuous effort in this regard can save one from the obesity related morbidities. Here, the focus must be on consistent effort. When diagnosed completely, the treatment of obesity starts with counseling and from the milestones of motivation, change in lifestyle and pharmacotherapy reaches the option of surgery. However, the change of lifestyle goes constant with laparoscopic and bariatric surgery as well. One has to take a special care of their diet after bariatric surgery.

Pre-operative diet is mostly about the most suitable diet plan available. These diet plans are designed one the principle of focusing on one type of nutrient and cutting down the other. However, the routine of proper diet and exercise must continue even after surgery. Such healthful lifestyle must continue after the surgery as well.  You must take diet rich in fibers and observe exercise. So what fibers you should add to your daily life. Here is a detailed answer to this.

Importance of fiber intake

Fibers make an important portion of our daily diet and it would make the most portion of your diet after bariatric surgery. The reason is

Diabetes control

Slow digestion which makes the person feel fuller for a longer period. Soluble fibers especially reduce sugar absorption that helps in controlling diabetes or even preventing it. Furthermore, the feeling of satiety helps in weight loss as well.

Lower blood cholesterol

Soluble fibers lower the levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL). Moreover, the studies indicate beneficial effects of fiber rich diet for cardiac health. Fibers found in oats, flaxseed, oat bran, and beans are beneficial. Consequently, lower blood cholesterol leads to weight loss. Hence, including fibers in your diet after the laparoscopic and bariatric surgery would help you with the weight loss.


Above all, soluble fibers are potential suppressants of hunger. If used in diet after bariatric surgery, the appetite is naturally reduced along with the calorie intake. Hence, weight loss is facilitated.

Hormone production

Soluble fibers enhances the production of the hormones that causes the patient to feel fuller. These hormones include GLp-1, Peptide YY, and cholecystokinin.

Hence, if you wish to enjoy the best post-surgery results, you must continue to be wary of your diet plan and exercise routines. The best way to achieve the promised weight loss standard is to include fiber enriched foods in your diet after bariatric surgery. Hence, with a little more consistent effort you can have a happy, healthy normal life again.