BMI calculator significance

What is ideal BMI | BMI calculator significance

Ideal BMI

Ideal BMI or Body mass index is the BMI range that is most suitable for an individual. BMI ranges are different for adults and children. It depends mainly on the height and weight of the person.

How is BMI calculation done?

BMI calculation is obtained by dividing an adult’s weight in kilograms by their height in meters squared. For instance, a BMI of 25 means 25 kg/m2. BMI calculator and the BMI chart are available over the web for calculating the value for you.

What are the BMI ranges?

Following are the Body mass index ranges:

For most adults, the ideal BMI range is:

18.5 to 24.9

For kids and young people aged 2 to 28, BMI calculation will consider the age and gender and the height and weight, which tell about the ideal BMI.


  • If the BMI is below is 18.5- you’re in the underweight range.
  • Between 18.5 and 24.9, you will be in a healthy weight range.
  • Between the range of 25-29.9 the person is overweight
  • Between the range 30 and 39.9, you are in the obese range of BMI

What is the accuracy of BMI?

BMI or the Body Mass Index considers the natural variations in the shape of the body and a healthy weight range for a particular height. While measuring your BMI, health professionals will consider other factors too into account, concluding whether you lie in a healthy weight or not.

Muscle is also denser than fat, so very muscular people, such a heavyweight boxers, weight trainers, and athletes, may have a health weight but maybe their BMI is classified in the obese range. BMI can tell you about the weight management you need to achieve the ideal weight for yourself.

Specific ethnic groups, BMI, and health issues

The ethnic group you belong to also affects the risk of many health conditions. For example, adults belonging of the Asian origin have a higher risk of health problems even at a BMI range of below 25. So this created some ambiguity regarding the ideal BMI range for such people.

Another significant fact is that one should not consider BMI as a measure, if the woman is pregnant. If there is any concern about the weight, consult your GP or midwife.

BMI is a right way of finding the healthy weight, but it can’t be taken as the final word. There are also other important points to consider that can signify the ideal BMI. Similarly, in children, BMI isn’t decisive for them. This is because the reason that amount of body fat changes with age in children and teens.