Types of medical tourism Journey for a cure

Types of medical tourism | Journey for a cure

Types of medical tourism include different reasons for traveling to attain medical treatment, and it is divided on the basis of regions and how far you traveled. Medical tourism is the process of traveling to any other country or any region of the same country to obtain medical care.

Types of medical tourism

There are different types of medical tourism that are majorly distinguished on the basis of region and distance difference. They are discussed below in detail:

  • Outbound medical tourism

This is the type of medical tourism that involves the traveling of the patient from the home country to another foreign country for the sake of attaining medical care. This medical tourism is adopted due to many reasons; major ones are due to costly treatment in the home country or better medical services and consultation in another country.

  • Inbound Medical tourism

Among different types of medical tourism, this one involves traveling from a foreign country to the home country for the sake of searching the medical care, treatment, or surgery. This traveling is also adopted for the sake of cheap treatment usually. The most sought-after medical procedures for which people travel are cosmetic procedures, bariatric & weight loss surgery, which helps to maintain Body Mass Index (BMI). 

  •  Domestic medical tourism or Intrabound medical tourism

It refers to the patients traveling to another part of the same country they are living in because of the fact that the region they are living in is expensive. In this, no international traveling happens.

  • Medical tourism as a journey

Medical tourism is growing very fast all over the world at a very steady rate. Healthcare facilities in developed countries are very expensive, and that is a major reason why people travel to other countries to seek treatment.

Other reasons that involve traveling for attuning medical tourism are:

  • No waiting time for the attaining treatment
  • Heart surgery
  • Spine surgery
  • Quality of treatment from world-class doctors
  • Organ transplants
  • Cancer treatment
  • Neurosurgery or Consultation
  • Personalized healthcare
  • Easy medical visa procedure
  • A travel opportunity and rich cultural heritage
  • Health checkups
  • Dental procedure or implants

Many people travel to other countries to get treatment because of the quality of the healthcare services they are offering. Technical equipment is another major thing that lets people choose other regions for attaining services, as many places are more advanced with their equipment.

While taking a step for medical tourism, people go for attaining services from accredited hospitals and clinics.