myths about bariatric surgery

7 common myths about bariatric surgery you should know

An Overview of myths about bariatric surgery

Excess weight and myths about bariatric surgery go hand in hand. Obesity is not about carrying extra weight but also about carrying life-threatening diseases. The extra weight can affect different body parts by creating many life-threatening complications. Ultimately, the quality of life and expectancy decreases. The main reason behind obesity is an imbalance in the intake and consumption of calories. This happens due to eating disorders or overeating. While in some cases, metabolic changes cause difficult medical conditions, and weight loss becomes impossible. To counter such condition, diet, and exercise is not enough, but the only solution a person has is effective weight loss surgery. However, there are many widely prevalent myths about bariatric surgery.

A common misconception about bariatric Surgery in Pakistan is that it is merely a cosmetic procedure. At the same time, it is a life-saver for obese people. Interestingly, many people qualify for the surgery, but they assume that Bariatric Surgery costs are high, so they back off. However, it is yet again another myth that weight loss surgery is costly. But people need to differentiate between the facts and myths. Therefore, we gathered all the common myths in one place to make it easy for you to learn and understand the reality of bariatric surgery.  So, let’s go through some of them and see why they’re wrong.

Some common myths about bariatric surgery

Obesity is considered only a weight-related condition. In contrast, it is a silent killer because it affects body organs and can threaten a person’s overall health. Therefore, it has become prevalent over the past decade. So, for people who are obese, their ticket to better health is bariatric surgery. Laparoscopic weight loss is a popular surgical treatment to cure obesity. 

It is essential to understand that obesity is a complex medical condition, and it nearly becomes impossible to lose weight with specific metabolic changes. As a result, bariatric surgery in Lahore is gaining popularity with a due right but with fame comes false information. Below is a list of common myths about bariatric surgery that have been explained.

1: Risky surgery

Life doesn’t come with a manual, so every step and procedure possesses a risk factor. However, when it comes to weight loss surgery, it has minimum complication risks. But before going for surgery, the best bariatric surgeon thoroughly examines you. The process includes mental health evaluations, dietitian consults, and medical checkups because only your surgeon can determine your suitability for the surgery.

Moreover, this surgical procedure is performed laparoscopically through tiny incisions. Consequently, a patient is out of the hospital the same day. So, the benefits of bariatric surgery outweigh the downsides. 

2: Quick fix procedure

Among many myths about bariatric surgery is a misconception that a person will lose weight quickly with bariatric surgery. They must understand it is a complete process, not a quick fix, as the patient must undergo certain physical and psychological tests. They must also make some necessary lifestyle changes to maintain their weight loss after surgery. So, it will take time to achieve your ideal body structure, and it needs some extra miles effort. But real achievement would be to continue the healthier eating habits instructed by your dietitian and witness the transformation.

3: Suitable for highly obese people

Many people wrongly think that bariatric surgery is not for them. Rather, it is the choice of highly obese people. While in reality, the people getting benefits from surgery are not only obese but also those who are experiencing different health issues. Therefore, if your BMI is 35, along with medical conditions such as blood pressure, diabetes, or sleep apnea, you are an ideal candidate for such weight loss treatment.

4: Affects pregnancy

Bariatric surgery will never affect the pregnancy, but avoiding conceiving a child at least 1-2 years post-surgery is recommended because the weight loss journey which has begun after the surgery may get disturbed. Moreover, the ongoing process of losing weight may harm the baby’s development. As the mother’s body and weight change drastically, that may disrupt the overall hormonal function of the body. And in pregnancy, the normal function of the hormones is significant for the baby’s development. However, after a gap of 1-2 years, there is no harm in getting pregnant. Infact, fertility improves with weight loss.

5: Leaves scar

It is one of the myths about bariatric surgery that it will leave a scar forever. But technology has improved, and now the old surgical procedures are no more in use. The weight loss surgery is now performed through a Laparoscope. Laparoscopic Surgery is safe and leaves a small or much less scar than other open surgeries. Moreover, the recovery from this procedure is quick, with less time, pain, and blood loss. So, if you’re a candidate, don’t worry about the scar because it is no longer an issue of concern.

6: Reverts lost weight

If this myth had been true, the whole surgery would not be so popular among weight loss candidates. And doctors would also not have suggested bariatric surgery for the purpose. After the surgery, the weight loss process starts and continues for about eight to ten months. Therefore, patients will likely lose more weight in the initial months after the operation. However, the hormonal effects of the surgery will decrease over time. So, you need to adopt a healthy eating lifestyle along with exercise; precisely, you need to adopt an active routine. It will help you maintain the weight you have lost through surgery.

Ultimately, long-term weight loss is achievable through bariatric surgery, but you need to follow the diet plan. Patients should also keep a follow-up with their bariatric surgeon and a dietitian to stay on track post-surgery.

7: Very costly

Bariatric surgery costs may vary depending on your location and medical needs. But as compared to other surgical treatments, it is less expensive. However, remember that you must pay the doctor’s fee and hospital expenses. So, understand the costs involved before, during, and after the surgical procedure and pick an affordable combo.

Last Words

So these were the seven common myths about bariatric surgery misleading many candidates. Now that we have clarified everything and differentiated between facts and myths, you can make a better-informed decision. Thus, it is a great weight loss solution for people who want to lose a notable amount of weight. But, to maintain and continue the lost weight for longer, you should make healthier choices and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

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