stretching after sleeve gastrectomy

Tips for stomach stretching after sleeve gastrectomy

Sleeve gastrectomy is an excellent surgical procedure that assists weight loss by resizing the stomach. During the surgery, the bariatric surgeon removes approximately 75% of the stomach. After the surgery, the smaller stomach takes the form of a tube, banana or sleeve. Post-surgery care includes careful stretching of the abdomen to minimize the pressure on the resized stomach. Stretching after sleeve gastrectomy is easier than you may have ever imagined. Therefore, the best bariatric surgeons in Pakistan are putting efforts to highlight the preventive measures for stretching.

Changes in stomach after sleeve gastrectomy

The results of gastric bypass include two changes:

  • Removal of the stomach portion would reduce the absorption of the food nutrients that you consume.
  • You will have nearly 70% less stomach volume than before in the form of a small pouch. Less capacity of the stomach means less space for food. Hence, you would feel full earlier.

These alterations simultaneously lead to a tremendous decrease in your body weight, proving sleeve gastrectomy to be the most effective surgery for weight loss.

Effect of Stretching on resized stomach

Stretching after sleeve gastrectomy causes the stomach to form twists that send hunger signals to the brain. These signals urge you to food more and stop the signal delays. As a result, you fail to satisfy your hunger and consume more than the actual need, which results in rapid weight gain.

Practical tips to avoid stretching

The best bariatric surgeon in Pakistan emphasis following necessary precautions for stretching after sleeve gastrectomy. These are as follows:

Avoid consumption of big meals and overeating.

  • Consume fluids at the right time. Avoid liquors during and immediately after the meals. You must take liquids one or two hours before a meal. Carbonated drinks are strictly prohibited as they mix with the food and form gas that puts pressure on your stomach.
  • You can consume healthy snacks if you feel hungry during two meals.
  • A minimal amount of portion should be consumed.
  • You can have heavy food or oily foods in very little quantity, just the size of a treat.
  • Take the treat meal one or two times a week.
  • The serving size of your meal is more crucial than nutrition.
  • Do not completely cut off the fats from your diet. Maintain a balance between all the components of food.

Stretching after sleeve gastrectomy would become normal after certain precautions. The stomach has been able to adapt to multiple changes and can adjust to hunger sensors. According to the best bariatric surgeons in Pakistan, sleeve gastrectomy is an attractive solution to get rid of extra pounds and get fit.