obesity treatment with diet plan

How Obesity Treatment with Diet Plan Can Vitality to Health?

What do you know about a Diet Plan?

A Diet is the intake of healthy and nutritious food, or it may be a specific amount of dietary intake for weight loss and weight management purposes. A diet plan is a dietary chart that guides you about the food intake for every meal. It suggests how many calories you need to reduce from your meal for weight loss and maintenance of nutritional requirements. The main concern of a diet plan is weight loss and is individualized to a person’s mental and physical health. Obesity treatment with diet plan is the first medical approach of our best weight loss surgeon in Lahore.

obesity treatment with diet plan
obesity treatment with diet plan

We all know very well, Obesity is a global issue and is prevailing rapidly worldwide. There are several options and solutions out there for the best obesity treatment. These may include laparoscopic and bariatric surgery, treatment with medicines, and suitable diet plans with the proper exercise routine. For an adequate obesity treatment with a diet plan, you need to follow up with the right diet plan that must be highly enriched with nutrients. Therefore, before you get your suitable diet plan for weight loss, our highly expert physicians and experienced team of health care professionals conduct a detailed diagnosis for your multi-rooted obesity problem.

The diagnostic strategy consists of the following steps as;

  • Checking the Body Mass Index (BMI) of patient
  • Going through the family and medical history of the patient
  • Thorough screening and examination by the physician including lifestyle, eating habits, other medical or health discomforts
  • Lastly, about the patient’s enthusiasm and determination for weight loss

Risk Factors of Obesity

Obesity leads to severely debilitating and life-threatening diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, cardiovascular disorders, blood glucose levels, joints pain, etc. These deadly health morbidities may prove fatal later if not treated timely. Therefore, after the complete examination of your medical condition, our best weight loss surgeons in Lahore prioritize obesity treatment with diet plan rather than medicines and surgeries. But if the patient’s health condition is not suitable for the diet plan for weight loss and suffering from some serious ailments, they may go for Laparoscopic and Bariatric surgery for weight loss.

obesity treatment with diet plan

Types of Diets and Their Significance

  • The low-fat diet

The plant-based diet is commonly called a low-fat diet as it comprises only plants or carbohydrates consumed in daily routine meals. It extracts most of the proteins and fats from the diet. Obesity treatment with diet plan of this kind of low-fat diet is highly effective for weight loss.

  • The high-protein diet

For quick weight loss, the high protein diet is highly recommended as it contains a significant amount of proteins, the only source of energy. However, before suggesting this diet plan, the patient’s medical history is strictly observed if he has any kidney issues, diabetes, or hypertension.

  • The low-carbohydrate diet

Atkins New Diet Revolution, Dukan Diet, South Beach Diet are the various options for the low-carbohydrate diet. However, our highly expert dietitian at ALSA offers you the proper obesity treatment with diet plan.

Keto Diet And Its Importance

The Keto diet is a specific diet that is particularly designed for quick weight loss. It is mainly based on low carb and high fats. It has the following health benefits;

  • Fight against any cancerous tumors
  • Fight against Alzheimer disease
  • It helps to boost your metabolism
  • Fight against epilepsy and its effects
  • It balances your diet and intake of fluids
  • Fight against the imbalance in blood sugar level

Types of Keto Diet

There are various types of keto diet such as;

  • Standard keto diet
  • Targeted keto diet
  • Cyclical keto diet 
  • The high protein keto diet
obesity treatment with diet plan

Weight loss with Keto Diet and Ketosis

The keto diet is a preferable diet plan for urgent weight loss. It involves an amazing ketosis process that reduces your carbohydrate intake and increases your fats intake. The keto diet is significant for weight loss and helps maintain the ideal weight according to BMI. In addition, it regulates the blood glucose level and reduces the extra amount of sugar from the body. Ultimately it promotes the production of insulin in the blood. Hence, you need to consult our best dietitians and physicians at ALSA for your obesity treatment with diet plan. Because our priority is your obesity treatment with diet plan rather than medicines and surgeries.