Hotel industry and medical tourism

Hotel industry and medical tourism | A close connection

According to a study, the terms medical tourism or health tourism was coined by the marketing and travel agencies for the phenomenon of traveling to another country for medical treatment or surgery. To ensure the best medical tourism experience, the industry collectively aims to propagate via a close connection between the hotel industry and medical tourism.

Furthermore, it is also claimed that Global healthcare will soon be replacing all the previously used terms, which seems justified as well. The main purpose of medical tourism is to get expensive and complex surgeries at nominal costs. Moreover, there may be legal constraints for treatment in the home country. Furthermore, treatments that health insurance does not cover are often the subject of medical tourism. 

Why is the hotel industry vital to medical tourism?

Mostly, the expatriates move from the developed countries like the US, Japan, Middle East countries, and the UK towards countries such as Canada, India, Hungary, Cube, Brunei, Malaysia, Jordan, and Singapore. Hence, a collaboration between the hotel industry and medical tourism offers a win-win situation to both hotel and the hospital. 

People coming from an entirely different culture to a developing country would make anyone insecure about the experience. The first and foremost problem one may be concerned about is mostly the hotel near Airport issues for more accessible travel and commute. Hence, to ensure the best provision of the tangible needs such as food service, transportation, and recreation for medical tourism.

Accommodation for medical tourism 

Before this, you may have never thought about accommodation for medical tourism beyond just having a place to live. However, to enjoy your full medical tourism, your living place must be fully equipped with all the facilities you would need post-treatment, which is only possible after the strong collaboration of the hotel industry and medical tourism. 

What can this connection offer?

A reputable medical tourism offering body would be able to address both the tangible and intangible needs so that you may enjoy your full medical tourism. What the duo must handle and offer its services accordingly are as follows.

  1. Design, amenities, and services
  2. Building modifications according to the post-treatment patient’s needs
  3. 24/7 nurse call systems
  4. Stable Wi-Fi connection
  5. Adjustable beds with the bedside controls
  6. Individual TVs 
  7. Hot bath
  8. Controlled air facility
  9. Translator
  10. A supportive concierge
  11. Prescription delivery service 
  12. Travel and commute services

When patients come from various regions, it calls for heavy investment from both the hotel industry and medical tourism.