Gastric Sleeve surgery in the fight against male infertility

Gastric Sleeve surgery in the fight against male infertility

Gastric sleeve surgery benefits against Male Infertility and boosts testosterone

Gastric sleeve surgery benefits a lot against male infertility. Gastric sleeve surgery helps in losing weight and fight against obesity. Scientifically proven that obese men experience low testosterone levels, lower sexual satisfaction, and reduced fertility compared to men of normal weight.

Gastric sleeve surgery helps in increasing sperm count

Gastric sleeve surgery helps in weight loss, and that affects the male reproductive health very positively. Scientific studies have proven that there is an inverse relationship between obesity and sperm motility. Hence, in this way, gastric sleeve surgery also helps in increasing sperm motility and increasing the chances of conception, hence male fertility can be affected positively.

Gastric sleeve surgery helping in sperm motility and sperm concentration

Gastric sleeve surgery helps in losing weight that boosts sperm motility and also sperm concentration in males. Gastric sleeve surgery proved to be very useful in attaining good hormone profiles in men. Gastric sleeve surgery helps to maintain a healthy weight in men and also boosts testosterone. Gastric sleeve surgery also turns to reduce the female hormone levels in obese males.

Gastric sleeve surgery can also drop the level of female hormones like LH, FSH. This will boost your male hormone characters.

So gastric sleeve surgery benefits by increasing the male hormones. gastric sleeve surgery will also improve the sex drive in men and other masculine characters.

Gastric sleeve surgery can increase the sperm concentration and sperm count effectively. Gastric sleeve surgery can fight obesity and obesity distorts the hormones in males. Obesity effects a lot of hormonal and feminine characters in females but it also effects males to an extent. Many people have seen changes infertility after getting the sleeve surgery.

Even after the gastric sleeve surgery, men should maintain a proper and healthy diet and exercise properly to have an excellent hormonal and fertile life.

Sperm count can increase effectively after getting gastric sleeve surgery. Gastric sleeve surgery can also affect the semen quality in men.

Gastric sleeve surgery can also help in hypogonadism in men.

It can also fix many metabolic processes in men. It can boost their mood and also their libido. Obesity can hinder spermatogenesis, which gets boosted by achieving weight loss through gastric sleeve surgery.