Bariatric Surgery Causes of Weight Gain Post-Surgery

Bariatric Surgery | Causes of Weight Gain Post-Surgery

Bariatric Surgery | Causes of Weight Gain Post-Surgery

Once you become a candidate for bariatric surgery , it is essential that you follow specific dietary guidelines before and after your surgery so you can achieve your health and weight-loss objectives. Here, you can learn more about how you can prepare for bariatric surgery with your diet.

Special Diet before Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery reduces the size of the stomach and can alter the digestive route so that obese individuals can lose a significant amount of weight in a brief amount of time.
While the immediate results of bariatric surgery are nearly always effective, the long-term success of treatment varies. There are many individuals who regain weight months or years after they have recovered from treatment. To avoid this risk, we believe it is important for our patients to understand the top causes of weight gain after bariatric surgery .


Exercise should become a priority for patients following bariatric surgery . Physical activity is good for the body and is extremely helpful when it comes to weight management. Many bariatric surgery patients dealt with physical limitations when they were at their heaviest, but weight loss should make it easier to participate in physical activities.
We suggest finding an exercise that is enjoyable to the patient, whether that be walking, swimming, or participating in a team sport. Without physical activity, it becomes much easier to gain weight.

Poor Nutrition

Bariatric surgery changes the anatomy of the digestive system so that the stomach holds less food and the body absorbs fewer calories. This allows patients to lose weight much more quickly and effectively than with dieting and exercising alone. However, it is vital that patients understand they will still need to make lifestyle changes.
Poor nutrition is one of the leading causes of weight regain after bariatric surgery . Patients must commit to adopting a healthier diet that is high in protein and nutrients and low in sugars and fat. Aside from avoiding “empty” calories, patients also need to be cautious about overeating. If bariatric surgery patients continually indulge, they can slowly stretch the stomach, making it easier to gain weight.

Lack of Support

Whenever a person is making significant changes, it is important that they have the support of family and friends. If family is not supporting the lifestyle changes that are necessary after bariatric surgery , it makes the adjustment period even more difficult. We suggest that patients talk to their family and friends before surgery and stress the importance of their support. This can help greatly in promoting the long-term success of bariatric surgery .