Fee of bariatric surgery

An insight into the varying fee of bariatric surgery

Obesity is one of the deadliest as well as the most underrated health condition. It is deadliest due to the related morbidities, and it is underrated due to unawareness about the related diseases. However, due to healthcare professionals’ efforts, there has been a significant advancement in the field of obesity treatment. The technology offers us the best options of laparoscopic and bariatric surgery for weight loss. Moreover, the best weight loss surgeon in Pakistan is now offering high-quality services with a meagre fee of bariatric surgery procedures.

Here is a compiled list of available bariatric procedures for weight loss and the costs.

Types and bariatric surgery cost

Overall, bariatric surgery is a costly treatment for weight loss. There are the following types of surgical treatments available to treat severe obesity.

Gastric bypass surgery

 Gastric bypass is a laparoscopic procedure that includes a few small incisions and no significant cuts. The best weight loss surgeon in Pakistan reduces the size of the stomach laparoscopically to the size of an egg. Consequently, the surgeon connects this small pouch to the small intestine to make a new route. Generally, the fee of bariatric surgery varies depending upon the surgical equipment, operation room, maintenance charges which rely upon the hospital you choose. Above all, the cost of bariatric surgery change if you choose the best weight loss surgeon in Pakistan and the type of surgery.

Gastric bypass surgery is further classified into Roux-Y gastric bypass and gastric mini bypass surgery. However, both the treatments differ slightly in the procedure to reduce the absorption of nutrients. For example, on average, the cost of bariatric surgery ranges between PKR 550000 to 700000.

1.     Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy

This type of surgery, also called the vertical sleeve gastrectomy, is also a procedure that reduces stomach size. The fee of bariatric surgery ranges up to PKR 500,000, including all the charges such as equipment management and hospital stay fee.

By reducing the size of the stomach, helps in the reduction of food intake and helps in weight loss. Not only it limits the food intake, but it reduces hunger by limiting its production. Hence, the need for food also reduces. The best weight loss surgeon in Pakistan ensure their best services to help you feel fuller and less hungry with the sleeve gastrectomy.

Whatever the bariatric procedure you might be suggested depending upon your condition, the fee of bariatric surgery also changes with your choice of bariatric surgeon in Lahore.