Affordable cost of bariatric surgery Low price

Affordable cost of bariatric surgery | Low price

Affordable cost of bariatric surgery

Affordable cost of bariatric surgery is a very big blessing for obese people. Because of the growing rate of people getting obese and the obesity-related health issues they face, hypertension, high cholesterol levels, sleep apnea, joints pain, Polycystic ovarian syndrome, and fertility issues in both men and women. Getting bariatric surgery is important as it helps to lose weight fast that can help in the prevention of obesity related issues.

Points to consider before getting the Bariatric surgery

Bariatric surgery must be done by an expert bariatric surgeon who is well-experienced and well educated in his domain. A person who wants to go for the procedure should never compromise his/her health. Affordable cost of bariatric surgery is the reason that many people are considering it now. People are now convinced for it due to its many benefits.

Affordable cost of different bariatric surgery procedures

The general cost of bariatric surgery ranges from 3.5 to 5 lac. Price is mainly constituting the institution and the equipment used for the bariatric procedure. Major portion of the expenditure goes for buying staplers, which are used to constrict the stomach for surgery. Also, the surgery equipment costs around 2.5 lac because it is specialized for carrying out the surgery with minor incisions that will heal fast in return.

Following are the cost range given for different bariatric surgery procedures offered:

Cost of sleeve gastrectomy

Cost of sleeve gastrectomy is around 4.5 lac, and the reason is that it involves hospital stay charges, equipment, surgeon’s services fee, operating room and anesthesia charges too. It is totally safe to choose this surgery as this doesn’t involve any such complications and also gives promising results for weight loss.

Cost of gastric bypass

The cost of gastric bypass is also quite affordable. It costs around 5.5 lac. Charges for surgery also involve the same expenditure as mentioned above for the sleeve gastrectomy, like a hospital stay, anesthesia, and laparoscopic equipment. Gastric bypass is believed to be very promising and effective for weight loss. It helps the patient to attain his/her ideal BMI in a very short time.

Also, the complications are very few for bariatric surgery, so many obese people are opting for this.

There are many benefits of bariatric surgery like:

  • Saves from hypertension, high cholesterol levels, joint pains and sleep apnea due to obesity
  • It also saves from depression and other mental issues related to obesity because of obesity.