Review of medical tourism

A general review of medical tourism | types, and options

Traveling across the border for better medical treatment has been practiced for a long. However, medical tourism is an emerging phenomenon. Medical tourism combines both health care facilities and holiday activities. The recent upsurge in medical tourism practices points towards the exponential growth of medical tourists globally. Medical tourism's most common reasons include dental care, elective surgery, cosmetic surgery, fertility treatment, or laparoscopic and bariatric surgery. Here is a brief review of medical tourism, such as medical tourism timeframe, cost, benefits, and risk. 

Types of medical tourism

There are different types of medical tourism depending upon the destination. Following are the types:

  • International medical tourism is further categorized into inbound and outbound medical tourism.
  • National medical tourism

Medical tourism timeframe

The total period of a medical tour depends on various factors such as the distance between hometown and destination, type of medical treatment, preferred accommodation, and leisure activities for medical tourism. For a brief review of medical tourism timeframe, the medical tourism timeframe for obesity treatment ranges from 10 -14 days. For dental implants, the time frame exceeds two weeks due to lengthy procedures. Moreover, the time frame of cosmetic surgery varies according to the type of plastic surgery; the time frame may exceed from a week to several months.

The next segment of this review of medical tourism is the benefits of choosing medical services abroad. 

Benefits of medical tourism

The recent sharp peak of medical tourism indicates a wide array of benefits. Here are some most common benefits that medical tourism offers.


 The main attraction in the field of medical tourism is competitive costs. Medical services such as dental services, laparoscopic and bariatric surgery, plastic surgeries, and other such treatments are very high. Moreover, health insurance does not cover such elective treatments. Hence, it is always a better option to get treatment from some other country that provides the same quality treatment at lower prices. Combining your medical treatment with your vacation brings a positive change to mood and helps the recovery.

Accommodation and travel

If you review of medical tourism in detail, you would know that you also enjoy the well-planned treatment and vacation plan within the medical tourism timeframe once you decide to travel abroad for your treatment. The respective medical tourism team chooses the best convenient commute and accommodation options for you.

Other services

Apart from these primary responsibilities, the medical tourism team also offers you a custom treatment package, customer care services, local SIM card provision, interpreters, assistance regarding visa letters, and post treatment follow-up.