best countries for medical tourism

7 amazing countries for medical tourism

The medical tourism industry is developing at a faster pace around the world. According to the reports, the medical tourism industry worth more than $37 billion by 2019. The medical tourism index indicates that the main factors that rank the best countries for medical tourism include:

  • The tourist’s attractions.
  • The economic condition of the destination country.
  • Quality healthcare facilities.
  • Lower costs.
  • Foreign qualified staff.
best countries for medical tourism

Furthermore, the higher healthcare costs in the developed countries make the third world the best counties for medical tourism.

The most popular medical procedures in medical tourism

People do not look for every type of medical help abroad. There is an apparent inclination towards specific medical procedures. For example, medical tourism for bariatric & weight loss surgery ranks on the top. Here are some of the most pursued methods in medical tourism.

The best countries for medical tourism

With such a potential for growth in medical tourism, various countries have been progressing in terms of health care facilities and developing the tourism industry. Depending upon your travel preferences and the type of medical treatment, there are several countries you can choose from. Here is a list you must go through before planning your medical tourism.


The country’s medical tourism industry is growing at a significantly high pace. The country ranks among the most the visited places in Asia, especially for medical tourism for weight loss surgery. Other than weight loss, Pakistan is one of the best countries for medical tourism for in vitro fertilization, dental care, cardiac surgeries, and cosmetic surgeries.

Undoubtedly, Pakistan’s infrastructure is still under development. However, state-of-the-art clinics along with English-speaking medical and paramedical staff offer stringent care with the most affordable cost for medical tourism and the most convenient accommodation.


Thailand is a medical tourism destination that is one of its kind. The evidence of its popularity among the health expatriates is the industry’s growth rate, which is around 16% over a year. In addition, the country is known for unlimited facilities for surgeries. In Thailand, you can have any type of surgery, making it fall among the best countries for medical tourism. 

Furthermore, the country is well-known for medical tourism for bariatric surgery such as gastric sleeve surgery. Therefore, you can enjoy your full medical tourism for weight loss without any stress because the package offered includes the materials to be used in the surgery, accommodation, along the charges of surgery.


Singapore stands as a developed nation with an economy with no burdens at all. Despite being expensive, the major attraction for expatriates in Singapore is the most sophisticated health care system among the best countries for medical tourism.   This has made the country an appeal for medical tourists. Most of all, it is the best destination for cancer treatment. Among various other top quality hospitals, Gleneagles Hospitals ranks among the top ten hospitals in the world.

Notably, according to World Health Organization (WHO), Singapore stands sixth among the world’s top healthcare systems. Hence, the health care model of the country makes an example for the other countries of the world as well.


Malaysia stands out among the countries for its flourishing medical tourism industry. According to estimates, Malaysia receives about half a million tourists every year. Such a high influx of medical tourists is mainly attributed to the developed infrastructure and low costs. Malaysia ranks on top among the best countries for medical tourism because one can have a six figures treatment in only four figures. Moreover, the government offers it all to you, such as top-notch services, low prices, and a robust infrastructure. Furthermore, the country is a point of attraction because the English language is widely spoken, which removes the language barrier for tourists.


Turkey, located at the brink of Asia, Europe and the Middle East, is getting attention due to its worth seeing tourist sites. As a consequence of the economic growth, the country is progressing in the medical tourism industry. Along with the natural beauty, the country beholds well-educated and experienced healthcare professionals. More specifically, it stands out among the best countries for medical tourism for dental care, cosmetic surgeries, health treatment centres, and eye treatment.

The country primarily focuses on the industry to improve its relationship with Europe. Therefore, it provides health care facilities at the most affordable price for medical tourism.

Costa Rica

The area is the preferred one near America due to shorter proximity and consequent shorter flight times. Costa Rica has gained popularity in medical tourism in recent years. Both the government and private clinic options are available for expatriates. According to the reports, it has generated approximately $485 million in 2016. Furthermore, it is estimated that a medical tourist spends seven times more than regular tourists.

You may find it surprising, but Costa Rica is among the best countries for medical tourism because WHO ranks above the United States. Moreover, it is known as the best destination for medical tourism for weight loss. Other than this, you must consider Costa Rica for the following;

  • Facelift
  • Knee replacement
  • Hip replacement
  • Heart valve replacement
  • Coronary artery bypass


Mexico makes a popular choice for American patients suffering from obesity. There has been a massive influx of medical expatriates from the US to Mexico, which is mainly due to its proximity. However, the primary factor that plays its role here is also the medical tourism cost. For example, you would only need around £4,000 to go for medical tourism for weight loss surgery which is much cheaper than the costs of bariatric surgeries in the US.

Another central point of attraction in Mexico for medical expatriates is dentistry. Furthermore, one can easily go for private insurances for the coverage of the treatment. On the other hand, most healthcare services are government-owned and offer high-quality services with a minimal fee.

Last word for the best countries for medical tourism

Hence, our list of the best countries for medical tourism ends here with Mexico. So now, it is all up to you to choose the best destination that facilitates you with premium care and treatment at the cheapest possible prices and offer a great deal of tourism for your speedy recovery as well.