5 underlying dangers and risks of medical tourism

5 underlying dangers and risks of medical tourism

Medical tourism is a rapidly growing industries worldwide. The industry can generate a revenue of about USD 207.9 billion by 2027, which is huge. Medical tourism is segmented depending upon the type of medical treatment. Mostly, people travel across the border due to cosmetic treatments, including laparoscopic and bariatric surgery. However, it is still a debate that weight loss is aesthetic because weight-loss surgeries have much more implications than just improving physical appearance. Moreover, such treatments are not covered by insurance, and prices are way too high, which powers the industry. Despite all the benefits around the globe, there may be some risks of medical tourism as well. 

Before you decide to opt for medical tourism, you must know all the aspects. Let’s discover what sorts of dangers and risks medical tourism. 


For medical treatment, the first and foremost concern is infection. Moreover, in the case of weight loss surgery, the risk of infection is even bigger. 

Communication barrier

If you are traveling to a place with a completely different native language, it will be difficult for you. You won’t be able to understand and follow the instructions properly. Furthermore, you won’t be able to depict your condition properly. I won’t be wrong to say that the communication barrier may be one of the major risks of medical tourism. 

Travel concerns

Traveling for long hours of flight may get hectic for you to travel with your health condition. Jet lag and fatigue may result in complications in your medical treatment or surgery. Furthermore, it may also increase the risk of infections.

Post-treatment care

Depending upon the reason, of requirements of post-operative care vary. For example, if you have chosen medical tourism for bariatric & weight loss surgery, you would need post-operative care. Ensure that your clinic or hospital care is up to the quality standards. It is one of the risks of medical tourism because bad post-operative care may lead to various other severe health conditions.

Underlying costs

Medical tourism may seem to be a cost-effective solution at first. `However, there may be some underlying hidden costs which are not mentioned or described earlier. Hence, it may get heavier on your pocket than you have thought. To avoid this, you must ask for a signed agreement between you and the medical facility regarding costs and then decide to opt for it.

In short, with all the benefits, there are various risks of medical tourism, and one must be vigilant enough about choosing such an option. Take care of all the aspects before choosing your destination for medical tourism. Goodluck!