Benefits of bariatric surgery

5 Long-term benefits of bariatric surgery

By now, it is known that obesity is a disease that leads to other comorbidities. Intensive lifestyle change and medical treatment help in weight loss and reduce the risk of other related health issues. However, even the intensive lifestyle intervention lowers only 10% of the weight over one year, and the patient can maintain only 5.3% of the weight over eight years. The facts depict that severe obesity cannot be dealt with with lifestyle change and medical treatment. At such a stage the bariatric surgery proves to be the best solution. Not only it helps with weight loss, but it allows you to enjoy the long-term benefits of bariatric surgery as well.

It is a valid question to ask that despite such a promising solution to obesity, why obesity is still prevalent. The main reason is the cost. Cost is exceptionally high in countries like the US, UK, and Canada. However, attributing to recent developments in this regard, the cost of bariatric surgery in Pakistan is much lower and affordable.

Bariatric surgery works via two mechanisms: reducing food intake capacity or reducing the nutrient absorption capacity of the digestive system. Whatever the mechanism your surgeon uses, other than weight loss, there are various long-term benefits of bariatric surgery. Here are some.  

Type – 2 diabetes

The cost of bariatric surgery seems to be justified because it helps with weight loss and helps treat type 2 diabetes. Hence, it makes the best option for obese people who have diabetes.


Obesity relates to mental health in a closed loop. People fall prey to low self-esteem due to their lower self-image. They are very prone to self-isolation and consequent depression. Studies indicate that weight loss helps in regaining confidence and betterment of emotional health. Reports claim a 37% decrease in a depression right after the surgery, one of the most notable benefits of bariatric surgery.

Joint Pain relief

Bearing the cost of bariatric surgery in Pakistan also brings a relief to joint pain. As obesity puts extra strain on your joints, losing significant amounts of weight and sustained weight reduces the excess pressure. Hence, one may enjoy their mobility freely once again.

Other related medical conditions

Some of the other benefits of bariatric surgery include sudden weight loss with surgery on other health conditions. These health conditions enlist gallbladder issues, metabolic syndrome, sleep apnea, and pregnancy issues.