5 best suitable countries for medical tourism

5 best suitable countries for medical tourism

As for medical tourism, the trend is propagating quite rapidly. Several countries offer the options to ‘enjoy’ your medical treatment. It sounds weird but yes! When you move out from your place, it automatically casts a positive impact on your mood. It has been widespread, especially for cosmetic reasons such as medical tourism for bariatric & laparoscopic surgery. Before discussing the countries for medical tourism, let’s discuss some common reasons why people choose medical tourism overtreatment in their home countries. Some of the reasons may be:

  1. Prices may be lower at the medical tourism destination.
  2. People often find service quality as an attractive motive for medical tourism.
  3. Various developing countries have talented doctors who may serve you at comparatively lower prices due to various education opportunities abroad.
  4. Medical tourism offers a broader range of treatment options.

Now, let us discuss countries that offer excellent medical tourism options.

1. Canada

According to the medical tourism index 2020-21, Canada ranks the top among countries for medical tourism, and the reasons are pretty clear. Geographically, Canada makes the best nearest option to seek medical tourism solutions. It attracts almost 14 million Americans. Furthermore, it offers high-quality medical treatment and healthcare.

2. Singapore

Singapore also hits the top spots in MTI. Approximately more than 500,000 foreigners visited Singapore in 2019 for the best healthcare and services in 2019. The stats are pretty significant. To ace, the race among the best countries for medical tourism, Singapore has set up special medical travel agencies such as International Patient Service Centers (IPSCs), which is a considerable step towards advancing medical tourism.

3. Japan

It won’t be wrong to say Japan is a gem for its high-tech health care facilities at cheaper costs. For the same reason, the Japanese enjoy the highest life expectancy and lowest child mortality rates. Japanese health professionals have expertise in treatment with minimal costs.

4. Spain 

Spain ranks fourth among countries for medical tourism. Spain utilizes its tourist attractions to attract tens of millions of tourists every year. It not only provides the best tourism experience but also offers the best medical treatment services. It makes a center of attraction for advanced orthopedic, dental, and cosmetic treatments.

Spain has another attraction of hospitals accredited by the Joint Commission International, for example, Sanitas Hospitales Madrid and Hospital Universitario de Madrid.

5. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom ranks fifth among the best countries for medical tourism. The UK is known for the state-of-the-art hospitals such as London Orthopedic Clinic, Cambridge Complex Orthopedic Trauma Center, and Birmingham Children’s hospital. With the best health care practices and fantastic heritage of tourist sites, UK attracts about 31 million international tourists per year.